Monday, November 17, 2003

So... yes, I do still exsist (I knew you were worried).

Knitting lots and lots. Mainly designing for various competitions and possibly submissions for knitting magazines.

Yes, I'm trying to become a professional knitter/ designer.


Right now, I'm mainly working on Lola's legwarmers. Lola's one of my bosses. She wears a lot of legwarmers. They're dark brown and light beige. Mainly dark brown.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Changed the template, things now work... I'll have to update soon... but after I actually write this midterm...
again, testing... my archives look fine...

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Ok... the page is messed up... testing... testing... testing...

Why is it that my page looks fine for months when I haven't been posting, but then, when I do post, it goes all kerblooie?

Where the hell did the word kerblooie come from?

Friday, July 11, 2003

Woo-hoo! Back from England (good on some levels, bad on many more)

But back from England means BACK TO THE LAND OF BROADBAND... my father's wireless network makes me drool. And we'll have one in our flat in Ann Arbor next year... sweet... (by "we" I mean my husband and I, not my dad and I)


Current projects:
Man City argyle socks
Watermark sweater
Damn wedding shawls
Jessi's top (a year!)
German socks

Really cool Raglan that I never told you about
That's about it

Projects that need fixing:
I need to add new clasps to my Norweigan cardigan
The Green Rib Sweater just doesn't fit right. I need to rip the whole thing.
Ditto with the ocean sweater. It's baggy. I want it to be fitted. It has a cowl neck. I want a boat neck.
I need to find my red cotton yarn and add a few rows to the end of my 3/4 sleeve sweater from last sweater and hem it, because I cannot block that damn bottom curl out.
Need to redo the top of the one German sock that I had finished

Projects on the horizon:
Vogue Knitting Map of the World Afghan
Modified version on Erika Knight's squares afghan (from Simple Knits for Easy Living) to use up all that Chunky Woolease
Black Kidsilk Haze Surplice Sweater
Poison kidsilk haze turtleneck from that Rowan mag with all the kidsilk haze stuff in it (Winter 01?)
More socks.

Promises from last time:
The Great Gauge Swatch Debacle (or, why I started my Watermark sweater 4 times)
When you figure out how big your sweater is by your bust measurement, but are knitting it in the flat, you must divide by 2.
When you know how many stitches are in 2 inches, and want to figure out how many stitches are in an inch, you must divide by 2.
NOW The trick is, when you do both of the above, you must divide by 2 TWICE and then multiply the numbers together to figure out how many stitches to cast on. I consider myself a fairly advanced knitter. I had to cast on and knit an inch or 2 FOUR TIMES before figuring this out. Someone should take my needles away. I don't deserve them.

Book Reviews

Hollywood Knits by Suss Collins

This book would need to be bigger than the new Harry Potter to contain all of Suss's massive massive ego. A book about Hollywood knitting will have name dropping. Every other word is a bit excessive, as with every photograph, but still. ON THE OTHER HAND, someone needs to tell Suss that she did not invent the basic steps of knitting, as all the diagrams (the same ones you find in any how-to-knit book) are labeled "Suss Step 1" "Suss Step 2" etc. That, and she takes full credit for the recent knitting craze because of her um, interesting, sweaters she knit for Bill Cosby during The Cosby Show. Yeah, because those made me want to pick up my needles.

BUT, oh drool over that orange turtleneck she designed for Velma to wear in the live action Scooby Doo. These designs are cool. I just don't want to feed her massive ego by acutally buying the book, though. Luckily my library has it!

More book reviews soon (probably tomorrow-- I'm unemployed and pathetic)

Monday, February 24, 2003

Wow... people actually read this thing and email me, asking me to update... who knew??

Anyway... lots of knitting.

For the wedding I had completed 1 black shawl and 2 1/3 red ones, so, the flower girl wore hers and my sister (maid of honor) wore hers (which had the most beadwork) the others will get their's sometime in July.

Oh yeah, the wedding was PERFECT. Except for that little bit where I thought the minister was done talking and leaned in for my kiss, but everyone else realized he was just taking a breath. It put everyone in a light-hearted mood for the party. Dan and I really couldn't have asked for anything more.

AND! Dan's cousin gave us a weekend's accomadation at 4 star B & Bs in Scotland for our present and Dan won 2 first class tickets on Virgin trains, so we went up on Valentine's Day weekend. Scotland = land of yummy wool and SO MANY FREAKING KNIT WEAR STORES ON THE ROYAL MILE!!!! Very cool. I got sooooooooooooo much Shetland Wool and am using it for my next project-- the Watermark Sweater.

Watermark is the first track on Enya's album by the same name. It's a pretty simple piano solo, so I have 9 shades of blues, one for each note, one for rests and one for accidentals. Each 1/8 note is a stripe, but I'm doubling up the yarn, so it's 2 notes in a stripe, in linen stitch so it undulates a bit. I'm 3.5 measures and 2.5 inches in and so far, so good!

Done projects:
Jessi's scarf
La Lana Hat (bit small. damnit)
Becca's scarf

Jessi's tank top would be done, but I left one of th pieces in England when I went home. Gargh.

The green sweater is almost done. It was done, but 2 inches too short, so I knit 2 more inches, took out the cast-on row and am trying to graft the 2 together. In rib. I got mad at it and put it back on time-out.

I'm teaching my housemates to knit! Kate had skill envy and Jenny's thought it would be a good cure for her quest for the perfect jumper.

Dan needs to computer. Topics for next time: Book Reviews of Hollywood Knits and The Anarchist Knitter and Hip Knits, and The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch. The great gauge swatch debacle of the Watermark sweater (or, why I started 4 times). Upcoming project ideas.


Thursday, January 02, 2003

OK, so I will never ever ever ever ever get these damn shawls knitted in time for my wedding.

I have to knit 4 red and 1 black. I have 1 2/3 red and 1 black. The one completed red shawl has different beading than the other red ones, as I cut down on the number of beads used in an attempt to make them knit faster, which it did, but not fast enough. Damnit.

Then on New Year's Eve I SAT on my project and snapped one of the needles, so I had to buy new ones today. And other things I don't have money for... sigh