Saturday, December 21, 2002

Guess what!!!

I do still exsist. New job (not so new anymore) takes up a lot of time-- knitting takes up the rest!!!

Finished projects-
My half gloves from La Lana Wools
A ribbed scarf (it got cold) in Rowan chunky chenille

Almost finished projects (all the knitting's done, just need to sew seams, weave ends, etc)
Jessi's scarf
Jessi's tank top
La Lana Hat
1 shawl
Becca's scarf
1 sock

Still working on wedding shawls and the infamous green sweater... sigh...

Thursday, September 19, 2002

beaded knitting is crazy. All I ever seem to do is push the beads further down the wool so I actually have some wool to knit with.

Lace on big needles is fun. My yarn broke 3 times in the past 2 days and beads went flying all over. GARGH!

8 more hours and I will no longer be a travel agent. Woo-Hoo!

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Kidsilk has arrived, employee discount has kicked in, AND I now have keys to the store. Woo-Hoo!

In non-knitting news... my time as a travel agent is coming to a close as I just got a job as office assistant at the big concert hall...

I love my library work.

I wish I worked at the wool store full time.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Libby Shell done and handed in and I got paid for it! YAY!

EXCEPT-- my boss pays £1.75 per 50 grams used, not market price of 15pence/meter (or 15cents/yard in the states). (and of course cost of materials is above and beyond, but my materials were provided, so I don't worry about that for this random story) So I should have been paid £24 and instead got £12. Not that big of deal when you consider that a sweater made from Rowan's cork would be worth £132 and only get £14.... hmmmm...

not that I really mind, because I'm not trying to eat with this money, but it makes me wonder what I'm doing to the market, you know?

Sunday, September 01, 2002

More body accomplished on Jessi's tank

Kidsilk orderded from LYS for the shawls and the Maggie turtleneck in last winter's Rowan mag.

Libby shell (not cardigan, I'm dumb) has been blocked, collar has been knitted, and now just needs to be sewn together.

Now, I knit the front and the back seperately, made of Rowan's Biggy Print, which is a varigated thick-n-thin yarn. Now it thick-n-thinned very nicely on the back but the front tended to thin with odd patches of big. When this goes up in the window display, I hope we display it backwards. Why the hell did it do that? Gargh.

Friday, August 30, 2002

Gah! It's been a long time since posting. Sorry. I've also been weeks behind in reading my email as well.

Me (non knitting) Volunteering at a cool library in the mornings. Being a shitty travel agent afternoons/evenings.
Me (knitting) Working at yarn store on Sat. afternoons and getting paid in cash at the end of the day (this gets a big YAY because the British will not let me open a bank account, nor will the let me cash my paycheck unless I have a bank account, so I have lots of money, just no way to access it. It's very frustrating.)

Project wise--gloves are done, everything's just waiting to be blocked...
Am working on a pair of toe-up socks in really nice yarn Dan bought me whilst backpacking through Europe. They fit nicely in my purse
Also on the needles is a Rowan's Libby Cardigan in super chunky wool (the back for a size adult medium only takes 34 stitches. The back took me 1/2 hour to knit. Literally.) This isn't for me, but for the window display in the shop (so now knitting is work. YAY)
Jessi's tank top is making good progress. Booby cups are done, I-cord is almost done, have also started on the body
Swatching swatching swatching for stoles for my bridesmaids because I'm getting married on January 11th! yay we set the date!

Also, on Tuesday I need to call the lady from Rowan and see about a possible job as a design consultant. YAY!

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

So, I skipped the selvedge stitch on the gloves, but then I missed some increases and I wasn't sure where, so I ripped the damn thing and started over...

anyway, it's really pretty, cause I'm done with it now. The second one is 1/2 way done.

The yarn store will give me a few afternoons when they get busy again. Meanwhile, I'm a travel agent. Ugh.

But I was raving about the Lalana on KnitU and I asked the lady if I could come work for her. She emailed me back today saying that they always needed help and where did I live? Sigh. England's a really far commute from New Mexico.

Friday, August 02, 2002

So I finished the second boob cup for Jessi's tank and decided to take a break and tackle that wonderous Lalana wool.

Yum. This stuff is amazing. I did almost all of the fez, changed the ending, decided I didn't like it and should just do the pattern as written, got really paranoid about having enough yarn and decided to to the gloves, then go back and do the hat with the yarn left.

I didn't read the part of the pattern that says there's a selvidge stitch on one side that isn't included in the patterning but IS included in the stitch counts, so I autocorrected and was too lazy to rip and correct when I realized my autocorrect was actually a mistake. Blah. So my seams might not be as pretty as can be. Sod it. The freize stitch pattern sure is pretty though and fun to knit in that challenging but doable sort of way. (It's adapented from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury)

Dan comes back tomorrow. YAY!

I miss the axis of diva.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

6 people, 1 phone line, and only dial-up access make for very sporadic and limited online time. sigh.

Anyway, Jessi's scarf is done and I'm almost done with the second boob cup of her tank top! YAY!

I'm going down to that yarn store on Friday to see if they can hook me up, otherwise I'm staying here in temping limbo. Actually, it should be OK as a temp. Decent money, it's just a matter if they find something for me next week or not. Hopefully I can get steady work, because I really hate this state of financial desperation.

Monday, July 22, 2002

OK! I'm in England! YAY...

I was reading Cosmo on the plane (yeah yeah yeah, I know) and it had this summer's what's hot, what's not list. Under "cool secret home hobby" beading was hot, knitting was not. whatever.

Also, you cannot knit on AirCanada yet. It still has pictures of knitting needles on all the signs of what you're not allowed to bring on and while getting my bags randomly searched at the gate, the man asked me if I had the needles to go with the yarn he found. He was happy when I told them I checked them, because he didn't want to confiscate them, but he wouldn've had to. Anyway, he then asked if I had made the sweater I was wearing (my new red one) and I said yes and he was very impressed and even repacked my bag for me. Oh yeah.

Do you know who should write a blog that I would read religiously? Jessi. That's who. You know who you are.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Sweater is done (and lovely. Especially with my fab new glasses)

Vest is designed for mom (and she understood my pattern! even better)

And I made carry-on bag custom made for my size allowance AND it will be the coolest knitting bag when I get off the plane and am allowed to put knitting needles in it, because I built in a needle case in the lining.

Mmm-mmm. I rule.

Wait, I still haven't packed and I leave in 11.5 hours. Hmmm....
Making ever more progress...

I leave tomorrow! ACK!

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

In addition to all the other crap I need to get done by Thursday morning (when I leave! yay!)

I need to sew a lot.
I need to design a vest pattern for my mom
I need to finish this last 1/2 sleeve.

It's ok.

Monday, July 15, 2002

One sleeve on! I tried it on with one sleeve and it was very nice--one sleeve left to go! (And a lot of sewing. Gargh. But not on this sweater)

3 days left people! Woo-hoo!

Saturday, July 13, 2002

Hmmm... so, I'm trying to figure out how to do the sleeves on this thing. I'd like to pick up and knit down, because I HATE sewing armhole seams and really suck at it. Here's the deal. There's shaping on the front, not on the back, and some stitches have been placed on stitch holders at the armhole... I think I'm just going to pick them all up (well, not all, I have to account for the fact that 5 sts. to the inch does not equal 7 rows to the inch) and just see if it works... hmmm...

Got so frustrated with it last night I did some work on the green sweater... yeesh.

Friday, July 12, 2002

GOD DAMN IT! Not only is my last post NOT posting, but the post I just wrote got deleted because blogger's "sign out" buttons and "post and publish" buttons are WAY too close together.

That, and even though I always click the "remember me" option on Blogger, it never does remember me (and yes, I only use one computer)

OK, so today I was trying to figure out how many sweaters I should bring next week when I move and Dan told me 2. And I thought, what? only two? With my sweater addition? And then he tells me that there are no situations in which you would ever need more than 2 sweaters ever What the hell? I tried to explain that we grew up in drastically different climates and naturally had different view points on it, me from the rather frigid Wisconsin northlands, and he from Houston. He didn't buy it. Long and short, I still have no idea how many sweaters I should bring. I think I'll email he best friend, who currently lives in London and understands such things. Yeesh.

Something I realized last night while trying on the super-cool sleeveless cotton sweater--shells are neat. I should knit some.
Oh yeah... I knit up the shoulder seams last night and tried that baby on... mmm mmm... sexy mama...

Someday I will have web space so I can host pictures and show y'all what I'm doing...

Just the sleeves yet to go, but I need to type up a week's worth of meeting minutes before I'm allowing myself to touch the needles again. Poo.

Also, need to sew a lot before I leave. Things to sew:
Pajama pants for me
Pajama pants for Dan
Denim skirt made out of old jeans
Needle Cases! Needle Cases! Needle Cases!

Thursday, July 11, 2002

ARGH! So, 4.5 inches into the split (I'm knitting all 3 pieces simaltanously) I realize that my left front is 2 stitches off of my right front. ARGH. In my never-ending search for perfection, I rip the entire left front out and start again... and I'm still 1 stitch off and can't figure out where. I think I might just be a stitch off period from the beginning, so screw it. I just hope I stay one stitch off and not more.

One week from today I move to England! YAY!
I'm still in the running for the classic elite fame that's up for trade at my life in stitches! woo-hoo! it's so pretty... but what to make with it???? hmmmm... well, shouldn't get my hopes up and i'm sure that (if i get it) as soon as i feel and see it and knit a swatch, i'll get a good idea...

As for the red cotton thing... YES YES YES, this baby's been split for the armholes... and less than 5 inches before i stich up the shoulder seams. YAY!

lyle lovett's on leno again?

one week from tomorrow and i'll be gone... hells yeah...

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

uh-oh... Dad outfitted my laptop with a wireless network card... I, being the queen of multitasking and watching TV, knitting, and surfing the web... yeesh. Why can I only multi-task my slacker tasks?

Sweater's now up to 10 inches. 3 more inches until I split for the armhole.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

We now have 6 beautiful inches. The yarn is "Saucy" by Reynolds. 5 sts. to the inch on size 7s. Suprisinly drapey. I hope I get it done in time to wear on the plane!


Monday, July 08, 2002

So, I cast on again and things were going OK until I realized that I was knitting a GIANT MOBIUS STRIP!!!

Take 3 on the needles... grrrr...
ARGH! So after furiously knitting away all afternoon and finishing 6 inches on my 3/4 sleeve red cotton sweater, I find that I made 3 grave errors-- mistook my measurements, miscounted gauge, AND cast on too many stitches, so it was HUGE!

I hate frogging.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Hey all! I am back from vacation, refreshed and wonderful... one of the highlights of my week by the lake was talking to other knitters. It was the knitting community I've been needing...

1. Yarn store job in Manchester looking more and more promising
2. Just saw one of the KnitU-ers has a U. of Man. email address!
3. My new cotton yarn is here and wonderful and on the needles!
4. My PeaceFleece that I've been worried about will now be a raglan sweater with green body and red sleeves.
5. Tank top is done and ultra-sexy! AND I've been commissoned to knit another one, plush an eyelash scarf.
6. I knit Mom a hat.
7. 11 more days!

Friday, June 28, 2002

If I had a million dollars...
I would buy lots and lots of Lalana Wool and knit luxurious things
I would buy all the things off of my amazon wish list
I would have my own knitting studio
I would use it to pay bills while I established myself as a designer and novelist
I would buy something nice for Dan to entertain him whilst I did all my knitting, maybe a super-nintendo or new musical instrument

I leave Grinnell tomorrow morning!
I will be home in 8 days!
I will move to Manchester in 20 days!
So, I swatched the linen stitch sweater yesterday and decided that I really didn't like the look of it. Maybe just plain stripes? I don't know... either way it's not very British, so maybe I'll just hold it until I get back... gargh. Seems almost like a waste of $$$$.


Thursday, June 27, 2002

Can I just say I want the yarn up for trade at My Life in Stitches???

Think she'll take the makings of my linen stitch sweater? How about all that navy blue sport weight?
Catherine's scarf is done! YAY!

No tank top for me until I get a needle... now, what should my next project be? I think I'll knit that hat my mom's been after me about. Then I'll start swatching for the linen stitch sweater...

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Well the yarn needle managed to ruin the hook and eye.

So I started fringing Catherine's scarf. Can I mention how much I HATE fringing?

I will try to install comments on here. That should be interesting...

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Good Lord. I need a simple sewing needle, and can't find one. How can a woman with a quilting studio and lots of thread just lying around in odd drawers NOT have a sewing needle for me to sew my tank top together... gargh...

Going to now attempt to sew on a hook-and-eye with a yarn needle.

Wish me luck. This is futile.

Someone added me to their knitting blog list! Maybe that means someone reads this!

So, Bagatell:: Spelling Tuesday gets a super shout-out.
Body's up to 4.5 inches long, but I seem to have mastered Contenintal knitting. YAY

I can tell that when I get more practice with it, those needles will fly like the devil!!! yee-haw!

Monday, June 24, 2002

I get to leave Grinnell in 5 days. Oh, the absolute joy!!!

Boob cups are finished. I-cord to attach boob cups to is finised. Body (knit in one long 30*9 inch piece) is 2 inches long (so, 7 to go) then I can sew everything together, and figure out how long to make the boobcup straps for the halter...

I also need to do the finishing on Catherine's scarf, because did I mention I get to leave this godforsaken place in 5 days???

Friday, June 21, 2002

Today got better after a few emails from friends I haven't heard from in awhile, some really fun people coming in to check out the archives. AND it turns out that there's mega prestige attached to the UMan Lib. position. So not only is it cool, it's prestigous! Too bad it doesn't pay.

That, and even though I feel totally guilty about it, dude, cool yarn for a cool project is on it's way!


cotton yarn on it's way to me for the 3/4 sleeve sweater... yeesh...
Feeling angry at the world for no apparent reason other than I'm awake. Hmmmm...

Fist boobcup done, second one is 1/2 way done.

Have you ever tried to sell your knitting? How?

Thursday, June 20, 2002

This boobcup for the tank top WILL work! The trick is too make it much more full-coverage than you think you want.

I think the tank top is turning into a halter.

Skip the v-neck 3/4 sleeve thing. I'll make that later when I gets some $$$$$... in the mean time, the blue will be a tank top with beaded bottom and top bands and straps. The red will be a beaded stole. The lalana wools will NOT be beaded, as I just looked at the beads and remembered that I bought them for a much thiner yarn. Heh.

In other news, the University of Manchester Archives/Special Collections cannot offer me a paying position, but will offer me volunteer work, which will certainly beef up the old resume and be an amazing experience. NOT ONLY THAT, but they called me CV "impressive" which makes me hold out hope for some other archive to offer me a paying position. I'm also still crossing my fingers on the PA/research position at the EOC. Applications don't close until the 24th, so hopefully I'll find out then. My glimmer of hope: they're hiring 4 PA positions (at least) plus 4 other positions. Maybe enough people won't apply. That, and I told them it wasn't the position, it was the EOC, so maybe they'll stick me someplace else. I just hope it pays!

There's always the pub.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Just thinking about the state of my finances (poor poor poor, and I'm supposed to be SAVING money to take to England. Grrrrr.)

Maybe the kidsilk haze sweater wants to have blue sleeves.

Just a thought.
Frogged the damn thing again. If this final attempt doesn't work, I'm skipping the whole project.

The LaLana stuff came last night. Be warned: the price is PER OUNCE, not per skein and they're 2 oz. skeins. In otherwords, a $23 skein of yarn. But yummy yummy yummy. Ok, a bit scratchy, but bee-yoo-tee-ful. Especially mixed with the silk. Also, I was dreaming up a handpaint colorway to remind me of the night that I first realized that Dan and I were different than any-other-boy and I. Faerie Queen IS that colorway! Hell yeah!

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

ALSO, applied today for a faboo position in the Equal Opportunities Commission in Manchester. Keep your fingers crossed, because it's secretarial, but also lots of research and around $10,000 for 18 hours a week, so I could still work in a pub or something....
Final attempt... HA ... had to frog it. It just didn't look right when I tried the one cup on, so know I'm going with a whole new design attempt at for the booby cups. This one looks a lot more promising, but I'm not holding my breath. At least it's knitting up more quickly and using less yarn.

So I'm thinking of knitting a bunch of scarves to use up all my acrylic stash and sending them to soldiers in Afghanistan... that's not supporting the war effort, is it? Hmmmm...

Super-faboo red dress came in the mail today and there was some good news, and some bad news. Bad news: dress doesn't fit. Good news: my normal size is too big, so I can pretend that I lost weight, even though I didn't.

No LaLorna wool today, but UPS sent me a postcard saying they couldn't deliver to my PO box and could I give them a street address. I think LaLorna is the only people I gave my PO box to, as I thought they were shipping USPS, anyway, the phantom UPS package (which could also be books, but I think I gave all the book people my street address) comes tomorrow. YAY.

Monday, June 17, 2002

Scarf is off the needles. I just need to fringe away. Of course I have already embarked on the FINAL ATTEMPT to make the supa-fly tank top. I want to wear it the week of the 1st, so I must get a move on.

Did no sewing this weekend. Did do lots of shopping. A new pair of dancing shoes (that I can also wear to work--oh yeah) Dr. Scholl's sandals for $15 (but already gave me a blister! wah!) and a grown-up purse and rock-star wallet (by which I mean red patent leather)...

Here's hoping my yarn from LaLorna wools comes today. I drool in anticipation.

Friday, June 14, 2002

Scarf's only up to 40 inches. I really gotta get moving, but I found the uber-super deluxe sewing machine at the house I'm house-sitting for, so this weekend I will be making myself the new needle cases I so desperately need (pink leopard print with silver trim). The woman I'm house sitting for has a quilting studio. When I'm all done with grad school and the like, and get my own house, I want a studio to do all my handiwork in. I think that means we need a 5 bedroom house, because Dan's going to want an office too, plus our bedroom and 2 kids... hmmmmm... I don't think we'll be able to afford all that.

I have email, BUT the past 3 days worth have been eaten. This makes me sad sad sad. That and I can only send email to other addresses, so my inbox has a few "Jennie, where the hell are you??" messages that I can't respond to. I want to scream.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Dan just called. YAY!!!! I haven't talked to him since the morning after Memorial Day! We get engaged on Saturday evening, he leaves Tuesday morning! Aiya

Still no email, but right now I don't care!
OH YAY! My blog looks normal again and I figured out how to put links to other logs on the side! YAY!

If I can figure out how to do pictures, I'll scan in the scarf and show you!
63 hours without email. grrrrrr. It is coming soon, though. They have to bring users back on one-by-one, and have been since 4 am this morning. Of course, I am probably lowest priority and at the end of the list, alaphebetically (one more reason to change my name when I get married!)

I managed to totally mess up my blog's appearance. Hmmmm. I tried to fix it, but it takes awhile for template changes to go into effect. We'll see if it worked.

Linen stitch scarf is now at 37 inches! yay!

I frogged the black shawl I found. I also proved that the yarn used, is, indeed acrylic, which makes me not want to make another shawl with it. I could make a cardigan and might even have enough yarn for such things, but it's so thin I don't want to go there. I'm thinking of making a dress with it--lace dress with some sort of lining.

ALSO! I skipped the idea of the cabled sweater with the chunky green yarn. Instead, I'm going to make a loooooooong cardigan. I have this gorgeous thick-and-thin earthtone varigated yarn I bought in China that I haven't used yet. If I go buy some navy chunky (which should be affordable, as the green in Wool-Ease, so the navy should be, too) then I can do a stripey cardigan. I'm thinking something like 3 green rows, 1 thick and think row, 3 blue rows, 1 thick and thin row, 3 green rows. With all the trim done in thick and thin. Yeah, I like that idea!

Mary comes to town this weekend! YAY! And we will go shoe shopping to for shoes to go with that absolutely faboo red dress I bought last night from Stop Staring!

My new issue of BUST came a few days ago. BUST loves knitting and I love their adds! I'd like to give a shout-out to Fresh Baked Goods. I wanna work for you!

BOOK YOU NEED TO READ Women's Work: The First 20,000 Years by Elizabeth Wayland Barber (whom I've had the pleasure of meeting. She rules! And was the best lecturer to visit campus all year!) Amazingly well researched with lots of new info written in a very conversational style! Check it out from your library today! (And if you want to buy it, it's not out of print. Don't believe Amazon.)

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Dan did call back on my cell, but I didn't get the message until 5 because I turn my cell off at work for 2 reasons.

1. It keeps me out of trouble
2. I don't get any reception down here in the archives, anyway. Why waste battery?

Email and network have been down for 39 hours, 15 minutes and counting now. This is driving me buggy!!!

I am falling in love with the linen stitch scarf (now at 29 inches) Amazingly, it doesn't look like I've used all that much yarn. I normally use 3 skeins of Peace Fleece for a scarf. My balls look barely touched! WOW! But it's not so much the scarf or colors I'm falling in love with, but the fabric I'm making. This winter I bought some bright red, bright green, and dark blue (trust me, they match in an off-beat primary color sort of way--yes I know green is not primary, unless you're talking about light and light color theory is something I still have problems wrapping my head around). Anyway, so I have 2 skeins in each color. What to do, what to do??? I think I could almost make a sweater but, would I wear something that bright? Probably not, plus the red is the same red going in the sportweight linen stitch sweater. Also, the worsted sweaters (this possible one and the green ribbed turtle) will be too warm for Manchester. Orginally, I was going to make a trio of socks with this yarn, but I don't like socks. I mean, I like knitting them, but I really don't like wearing them and I have better sock yarn, anyway. I could make a really neat bag and experiment with felting, but do I need a bag? Pillows? Maybe. Hmmmmmmm. Ideas? Anyone?

A skirt would be an interesting concept. But not with this yarn. Maybe a lace skirt with the blue kidsilk haze? Hmmmm....

Leanne came over last night and took away some yarn. YAY. I was (not) suprised with how much I wasn't willing to part with. Hmmmmm. BAD JENNIE!

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Time to go home and Dan never did call back. Boo hoo.

But the red kidsilk haze now wants to be a very fitted low v-neck 3/4 sleeve sweater. Hel-lo sexy.
I have all these little balls of yarn left over from Peace Fleece projects that are eventually going to be an afghan. I should tell Leanee to bring over her leftovers that she was trying to pawn off on me. She's coming over tonight to raid my stash. YAY!

Email and network storage have been down all day. I was going to be soooooo productive at work today, I swear, but without access to my files, it's been really hard. I can do very elementary things on all these projects, but I can't get to the meat of them. Grrrrr.

Then, when I was at lunch, Dan called from Berlin I missed it by 2 minutes, and the message was taken for me, so I don't even get to hear hi voice over voice mail. Gargh. He said he'd call back and I've been afraid to leave the archives for anything or to call anyone. I'm just sitting here, waiting by the phone. I feel like a loser, but not.

37 days until Manchester! And today I noticed that the Manchester City Archives is thinking of hiring researchers at something INSANE like 18 pounds ($26.45!) an hour! To do what I do here for $6.75! Hells yeah! Of course, I can't email them my CV if email's down, now can I? GRRRRRRRRRR.
So, I went back to the scarf last night and realized that it was really really dense (I was doing it with 3 colors of worsted weight, one row stripes in linen stitch, on size 10.5s) and the drape was horrible, so I frogged the whole thing and went up to size 11s. Much nicer. It's now about 15 inches long, which means that it's knitting up much more quickly, too. Makes me happy. I'm doing it in lavender, meduim purple, and sea foam green. It's really pretty in an easter-egg sort of way. I would never wear it, but the colors are still fun to work with, so there's one more reason to knit gifts-- work with colors and fibers that you would never ever wear.

I sorted my stash last night, as I had to upgrade rubbermaid sizes. But I got rid of the big purple ugly bin and got a nice long, flat clear one, but much bigger than the other nice, long, flat clear one. So know I have 2. The smaller one is for projects currently on my list of things that need to be knitted. The chunky wool for the cabled sweater didn't even make it in there... Also, WIPS go in there. I found WIPs last night that I had completley forgotten about. Oops. Now the question is, if I had forgotten about them, are they worth putting back on the list, or should I just frog them and find something else to do with the yarn?? Hmmmmm...

In the bag (in order of importance)
Catherine's scarf
Tank Top yarn (the top half)
Green Ribbed Turtle Sweater (too hot to think about!)

In the box (in order of importance)
Tank Top yarn (bottom half)
Kid Haze (saving for Manchester)
Linen Stitch Sweater yarn (manchester?)
Blue yarn (for gloves and socks--manchester)
Purple yarn for Mom's hat/mittens. Gagh. I really need to do those. I really don't *want* to do those!
Black shawl I forgot about and corresponding yarn.
Log cabin afghan in horrible Red Heart that I was only making to have something machine washable and to get that horrible Red Heart out of my stash. My friends need to start having babies. That's the only solution for such crappy yarn!

Monday, June 10, 2002

Does Catherine's scarf really want to be a pillow???
Realized this weekend that there's a mistake in the bra pattern I've been using for the top of my tank top. How many rows between decreases coupled with how many decreases I'm supposed to do DOES NOT EQUAL what row I'm supposed to end up on. GRRRRRRR. So, I was like, well I now understand the basic design concept of said bra cup, so I shall just make my own. Sadly, I mismeasured and ended up with something that would just be obscene if I were to wear it. So, I had to frog that and decided to do Catherine's Something for a while, then come back to the tank top.

Catherine's Something is officially a linen-stitch scarf. It's about 5 inches long.

Was really sick yesterday. So tired and weak that not only could I not knit, I didn't want to. It was sad. Feeling much better today. Just waiting for the car dealership to call and tell me what's wrong with the car and how much it's going to cost me. Also desperately hoping the fiance emails me soon. It's been a while. I get worried.

Friday, June 07, 2002


Crystal Palace Box has arrived! With yarn and needles!

First bra cup is progressing nicely, despite the fact I didn't get any knitting done last night due to a road trip to Des Moines to see Mary and Star Wars. Mary and I really shouldn't be allowed to go to movies together, especially after gin and tonic!

Catherine's "something" has moved up on the priority list. But what to make her????? I have 2 skeins of purple yarn, worsted, different (but complimentary shades) plus I have several skeins of colors in the same brand in colors that would match... but what to make? That remains the big mystery. Something small, but meaningful in nice, after all she's done for me over the years... hmmm...

I really am dumb, as I went and ordered 2 of La Lana Wool's One-Skein Wonders I can justify the 2, because I wanted to make the "Magic Fez" but it needs one + a bit skein and then all of them take 1/2 a skein of silk, BUT the website promises that after I take out that bit, I'll still have enough to make the Florentine Gloves, and that'll take care of the other 1/2 skein of silk... sigh I'm dumb, but SOOOOOOOOOO excited for it to get here so I can drool on it!

I think I'm going to add a few beads to both projects, and then in that navy sport weight I have, knit gloves with chenille trim, to match the scarf, so it'll be a semi-matching, definetely coordinating set. Much better for British weather than all my heavy outerwear in country colors that are perfect for Iowa winters!

I have all these sweaters on my list, mainly because I want to have them in Manchester, but don't want to have to take the yarn... but it's June! Who wants to be knitting sweaters when I won't wear them anytime soon????? hmmm.

I want all my yarn to come (The La Lana stuff and the ribbon from Crytal Palace I'm getting 104 and have 106 in hand) I want that book I ordered from amazon to come.

I don't want to be at work. Blah.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

One sleeve done! YAY!

Got Harmony Stitch Guides vol. 4 and 5 in the mail yesterday (250 Creative Knitting Stiches, 220 Aran Stitches) So I now have a plan for the bulky green yarn.

Projects in order:
1. Tank top boob cups
2. Other sleeve/tank top body (depending when yarn for the body gets here, maybe today, maybe Monday)
3. Other sleeve/tank top body. I want to get the tank top done so I can wear it to the cocktail party at LGSA!
4. Something for Catherine! ACK!
5. Linen stitch sweater
6.Beaded/Chenille Scarf
7. Bulky Green Sweater (should go quick!)
8. Something with that kidsilk. (It's small enough, I'm gonna save it for Manchester.)

Do I want to get a La Lana one-skein wonder kit? ACK!

diminish the yarn supply,
diminish the yarn supply,
diminish the yarn supply...

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

I am seriously aching for a knitting community now that I'm in Grinnell, alone. There is a "Sit and Knit" that meets Thursday afternoons, but I need to be at work then. How perfectly grandma-ish would it be of me to close down the archives so I could go knit?

I miss my knitting girls, who are now scattered across the country, soon to be globe. Emily found my listmania! list on Amazon yesterday, though. She thought it was great! I will find new knitting girls in Manchester. 43 more days. 43 more days. 43 more days.

I'm looking for a really inspiring lace shawl pattern for the absolute gorgeousness that is Rowan's kidsilk haze (mohair and silk makes me skin long to be touched just thinking about it). I have 2 colors, bright burgundy (poison is the official color title) and deep blue (officially called lord). 2 skeins of the red and abour 2.5 of the blue. Each skein is 25 grams, 210 meters). Hmmmm. Maybe I should just buy some more. I was originally thinking of a variation on the twinset-- burgandy camisole with a blue shawl.

I also have beads to possible do a beaded shawl BUT I also have an idea of what to do with some of that navy wool sportweight I just got on Ebay. So I have one 60 yard skein of Muench's Touch Me! left in a luxurious ice blue. If I knit it REALLY TIGHTLY (to prevent worming, and use some of the types that KnitU's been posting lately) then can I do stripes of the chenille in stockinette and beaded lace stripes of the navy??? This, of course, is all dependant on whether or not I can get the beads onto the sportweight, as I bought them to go with the kidsilk haze... hmmmmm...

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

More work done on the sleeve... it's progressing nicely and devil kitty seems less and less interested with my yarn and needles flashing. Move onto a new house with new devil kitties this weekend. ONE OF THE DEVIL KITTIES EATS WOOL! OH NO! Note to self: go buy some more Rubbermaid.

Went ahead and bought the black-with-red tape yarn. I'm moving to England (44 days!) Shouldn't I be decreasing my stash???? sigh

I wrote a Manchester yarn shop a "please please please hire me" email. Let's see if they respond. Hopefully with a "why yes, come work here 40 hours a week for lots of $$$".

Monday, June 03, 2002

Lace Scarf = Done and Blocked!!!! YAY! I should probably re-block or iron, because it's still a bit curly, but I have to place to do that right now (I'm housesitting with devil kitty).

Green Ribbed Turtle-Sweater has been pulled out of the UFO pile. Sleeve number one is 1/3 of the way done. Once I get the sleeves done, the knitting's done and it's just finishing, which is minimal, because it's knit in the round.

Has anyone done a lot of knitting with tape/ribbon yarn? Hints? It seems to twist a lot, but if I throw the ball across the room, it seems to help (thanks KnitU for giving me that tip for chenille--it transfers). I got 2 skeins of Crystal Palace's new deco-ribbon. It's red with black stripes and I'm thinking of buying some of the black with red stripes and making a tank top. What I have in mind is Lily Chin's bra from The Urban Knitter but attaching a body to it (in a looser gauge). Bra in red, body in black. Have to check out the finances first, though.

Non-Knitting News 45 days until I move to Manchester! Still need a job. Gah.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

I taught my sister how to knit and she LOVES it! YAY!

Monday, May 27, 2002

Lace scarf almost done! yay!

So, I was thinking of making a linen stitch cardigan out of an olive green and orangy red color, but I can't do one-row stripes when knitting in the flat. So the question is, do I want to take the steeking plunge, knit in the round and then cut down the center, do I want to do 2-row stripes, or do I want to add another color? I could do the new navy blue, but they're different yarn companies, and different fiber as the blue is 100% wool and the other stuff is 15% mohair... hmmm... I'll swatch some stuff up.

Non-Knitting News I'm now engaged! yay!

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Can't even get the "me" of "Email me" to link to my email. Why do I think I'm computer literate sometimes?

On the other hand, I just realized that I started this blog with 5 projects and am back down to 2. YES!
Argh, all the knitting I did on the scarf while on hold with Council Travel yesterday had to be ripped out today. Blah.

On the other hand, I did end up getting Kate's sage green yarn. She lied. It's not sage green. It's darker and tweedy. That's ok, I like this stuff better. So, I now have 6 skeins of Chunky Wool-Ease in "Willow". Hmmm... what to do with that? My stash is quickly becoming very unmanageable. Luckily, it's summer, so I can spend a lot more of my time knitting to get some of the stash used up.

Trying to join the Knit Bloggers webring, but can't figure out how to get the logo to show up, even though I've pasted the code in where I thought I should. (Obviously, I was wrong) Can anyone help? Email me


Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Lace scarf coming along nicely--I worked on it during commencement yesterday morning. My yarn stash is packed up. Mom brought the Ebay yarn that I had shipped to the house down with her, so I have that. 10 skeins of navy... I feel a sweater coming on. I also have some lace weight silk... There was a nice knit lace top in Cosmo this month... maybe I'll try to make that.

Non-Knitting News I now hold a BA. Woo-hoo! I also just bought my plane tickets to Manchester. Still in need of job, however... But my tickets were cheap! Yay!

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Oh, I had forgotten the wonderful curse that is Ebay... such nice, nice pretty yarn. Do I need more yarn? No. Can afford such yarn when I'm moving to England in a month with no job or plane ticket? No. Did I bid anyway? Yes. Why? Because of the possiblities, the dreams. Oh, the places you'll go, the things you'll knit. Did you read Perri Klass's column in the current issue of Knitter's? The dreams we knit. I'll knit this shawl and it will give me the solitude that one imagines one would have if they owned such a shawl.

I've been thinking about the possibilites that a knit garment carries with it when dealing with the question of should I attempt to sell the gray lace scarf? I don't wear scarves (as this is lace, it's a decorative thing. I wear scarves in February, when I should.) But I can see my self looking young, urban, and proffessional (yuppie, oh, how dissapointed I am that I haven't even graduated from my hippie mid-western liberal arts school and this is what I'm dreaming of!) but I see myself gliding across busy city streets with such a scarf jauntily thrown around my neck... Do I want to give up the dream? Isn't it all just a bit silly?
The blanket is done! The blanket is done! I haven't seen it yet, but Ali says it's bee-yoo-tee-ful.

Dan thinks I should sell my gray lace scarf (now at 10 inches). Or at least attempt to... hmmm...

Non-Knitting News The uber-diva has returned. It's high noon in Iowa.

Am mailing out blue-card application this afternoon. Have some nice job prospects. (I can teach history, right?)

Monday, May 13, 2002

All squares are in and accounted for. All have been blocked (some, more than once. ah well). What's the best way to put them together? Also, hoping Ali could get some matching yarn in Iowa City. (Silly us, knit all the yarn up!)

The gray lace scarf was ripped completely out and restarted over the weekend. sigh. NOTE ON KNITTING LACE SCARVES: count your stiches at the end of every row, just to be sure you're still on track. on the other hand, scarf is now longer than it's ever been at a whopping 6 inches.

I will probably wear the ocean sweater to Phantom of the Opera on Wednesday. Too bad it's May and still sweater weather. Bah.

Non-Knitting News By this time next week, I will be a college grad.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Still need 3 more squares... lots of blocking done last night on an old door... this just might happen folks.

Non-Knitting News Did not make senior honors. I'm just feeling like a mega-loser right now. Still don't have a job in England. Bah. Not quite sure why my boyfriend is mad at me. Also have been engaging in bitchy email to random administrators for trying to close down 3 computer labs that campus so desperately needs and cancelling senior dinner with 2 weeks notice because everyone has their heads up their asses. gargh.

Sunday, May 05, 2002

Apparently, knitting is not art... everything in the salon was rather pedestrian. I don't know if that's actually true, or if I'm just bitter.

Ivory square done. Topaz square with knit/purl trelis design, done. Anne owes me 2 squares. Megan, Lindsay, Nick, and Sarah all owe me 1 square, but Nick can't finish his until Megan or Sarah finish theirs and give me the left-over yarn so I can give it to Nick... sigh. Ali wants to give this thing to JCR on Tuesday, but we still need to block and join and I'm still missing 5 squares... (1/4 of the grand total). sigh

Friday, May 03, 2002

Art salon opens today... I don't know if my pieces got in, after all. When I went to the place to pick up rejected pieces, to see if my poor sweater and shawl were there, it was locked. On the other hand, I haven't gotten any angry email saying "pick up your crappy art". So we'll see if it's hanging up in the galary once I get off of work!

I started a new square for the afghan project. Ivory cables. yum. There's something so wonderful and classic about it. My boyfriend (scroll down for "Dan learns how to knit") was watching me knitting my guage swatch for the square and started telling me about this fisherman's sweater he had as a kid and how he wore it everywhere, all the time, even when he had outgrown it. His mom eventually took it away because it was hideously too small, but he kept insisting on wearing it everywhere. I told him that if he had a picture of it somewhere, I'd try to make him a new one that would fit. But what was it about a simple rope cable in ivory yarn (mmm... lamb's pride bulky.... drool...) that brought the memory to surface? What about the timelessness of the design and how much that sweater spoke to him that would compel him to tell me that as I messed around with pattern?

Last spring I switched mostiurizers to Oil of Olay, which is what my mom uses. When I put it on for the first time, I felt so mature and grown up, because of the smell I had always associated with my mother's beauty...

I got new yarn from peace fleece. Something about new fibers and colors that invokes so many project ideas, even though I bought the yarn with a project already in mind. Maybe that's what makes me think of the sweater and shawl I entered as "art". Knitting-wise, both projects were pathetically easy. The sweater was knitted flat in stockinette with almost no shaping. The shawl's just garter, but both projects were fiber-inspired. I saw the yarn, let the yarn speak to me, and knit it how it wanted to be knit. So often I think, I want a cabled cardigan. Maybe green. And then I go buy green yarn for said cardigan. Fiber is picked for pattern, pattern isn't picked for fiber. With the shawl I thought, I want to knit something pretty for mom with really nice yarn. She likes blue, and it went from there. With the ocean sweater, I was at the yarn store and saw it and thought "wow" and then remembered my budget, but I kept being drawn back to it's shelf, kept picking it up and feeling it, leaving, and coming back. So I said "screw it. I'm on vacation. Nice yarn that I can't afford, it is!" ha.

Dan Learns How to Knit
a short story

So Dan wanted to learn how to knit, so I sat him down and taught him. I teach a class here on campus, so I thought, sure, no problem. First of all, how can an eagle scout not know how to do a slip knot? yeesh. But he learned. He kept coming up with perverted sayings to remember things, but that's him, and they made me laugh. I learned really quickly. He was really good. But, sadly, he's a perfectionist, so he'd get frustrated really easily and swear loudly and throw his knitting across the room, needles and all. He's not allowed to knit anymore. The end.

Monday, April 29, 2002

HA! Ocean Sweater (renamed "Aberdeen") and Mom's Shawl (renamed "Post-Partum/Empty Nest: My Momma's Blues) have been entered into the art salon... now we'll see if they're accepted (find out tomorrow).

Now to work on the top-secret afghan project!

Non-Knitting News Requiem this weekend was awesome, senior honors recital audition on Friday went well!

Friday, April 26, 2002

Ocean Sweater almost done... the knitting's done, I just need to sew it together, which will happen tonight, as will the rest of the fringing on mom's shawl, because submissions for the art salon are due tomorrow...

my history paper takes too much time away from my knitting and I just ordered a bunch of new yarn, and fleece, cuz I'm going to teach myself how to spin. I'm such a dork.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

I am half-way done with the fringing of the shawl... This is the last dance concert, so I should get a lot more work done on it this afternoon. I figured that the way I would deal with the worming yarn was to pull all the extra loops to one side, then tack them down with the same fringe I'm using on the border. My art-salon artsy-fartsy name for the piece is "Post-Partem/Empty Nest: My Momma's Blues" I think the ocean sweater will just be called "North Atlantic".

Alicia came into the costume studio last night and saw me working on my sleeve. When she asked what I was making and I replied sweater, she asked for whom (though I think she actually said "who" Dan's bad for me, making me care about stupid shit like that) anyway, I answered "for me" and she said "Good! It's about time you made something for yourself, evertime I see you knitting, it's always for your mom, or dad or Dan, or someone..." Maybe I should take the hint.

In a burst of not-taking the hint, I have decided to knit my sister a bikini for her birthday next month.

Non-Knitting News I graduate a month from yesterday and I still haven't managed to send out my graduation announcements, much less figure out what I'm doing besides "moving to England to be with the boy". sigh

Saturday, April 20, 2002

sleeve done. oh yeah.
First sleeve almost done! YAY! I am so entering this into the student art salon. That just means I need to finish by Friday. No sweat. Now the real question-- can I also finish Mom's shawl by then, too? Hopefully. Costume crew chief position has been good for productivity levels knitting-wise. Not so good history paper-wise. Ah well.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Front is almost done! YAY! I cast off for the neck already, so I have just a bit more to go before the whole piece is done...

Non-Knitting News Requiem soloists have been posted. None for me. Ah well.

Sunday, April 14, 2002

Ha! The back of the mohair sweater is now done! HA HA HA! and there are 2 inches done on the front... NOTE ON KNITTING WITH MOHAIR: do a really big gauge swatch. My 4x4 square just didn't cut it... what was supposed to 19 inches wide ended up being 25 in the middle, with no random increasing... ah well... it'll just be baggier than originally planned...I've also decided to do the cowl neck if I have yarn. I will not post my feeling on whether or not I'll have the extra yarn, as I would like not to jinx it.

Non-Knitting News JCR will sign all senior recital paper work and Monica not only will accompany me, she's really happy to. She WANTS to accompany me... la la la la la... life is good

Saturday, April 13, 2002

As of last night there are now 17 inches done on the back piece of the Ocean Sweater... 5 more to go... I was very productive in the car on the way to Iowa City and playing trivial pursuit last night (the boys won. barely. gargh) so now I need to think about necklines... I know I want a boat neckline... do I want to drop the front slightly (an inch? less than that?) or take the easy way out and not drop it at all? Also, if I have enough yarn left over, do I want to add a cowl neckline? hmmm... decisions...

Other decisions... Kate W.'s getting rid of all that nice bulky sage green wool-ease. Do I want it for a cabled cardigan? Maybe... temptation

Non-Knitting News JCR did NOT post Requiem soloists yet... do I want to ask him to sponsor me for my Senior Honor's Recital audition? hmmm...

Kate and Ariel are trying to plan a wedding. Neither of them have ever been to a wedding, it's kinda funny. But I get to through a bachelorette party. Hells yeah.


Friday, April 12, 2002

So, this is my blog... I'm new to the blog world, but campus has something similiar... Anyway... rundown on the projects (I hope to post pictures and patterns once I get the hang of this):

1. Mom's shawl that's left over from Christmas... I NEED to get this done before her birthday! It's a basic garter-stich, cast one stitch one, KPK into that stich. row 3: K1, YO K to end. Repeat row 3. But it's knit in lots of fibers (all shades of blue with some purple and green) in mixed fiber stripes on size 17 needles... and the knitting's done, I just need to fringe it, which is BORING! and, the chenille wormed on me, which I did not know chenille would do... sigh, so I need to somehow tack the stretched-out loops in such a way that it looks like I meant to do that...

2. The ribbed turtleneck sweater... this sweater is done in beautiful Kamchatka SeaMoss worsted weight ( they're good people) and was going *perfectly* until it came time for the sleeves... so the ribbed pattern is supposed to be stretched when worn, and I knew one inch was 4 stitchs horizontally but didn't even stop to think about vertically (which is 6.5 stitches to the inch), so when I cast up the side of the armhole, I just picked up a stitch in every stitch... *sigh*... of course I didn't realize this until I had finished the first sleeve and triumphantly tried it on... then ripped out 2 weeks worth of work and hid the sweater. I think it can come out next week.

3. The gray lace scarf. This is knit on some lace-weight yarn of unknown fiber source that I picked up while in China. (Yes, I can read fiber labels in Chinese, this yarn just wasn't labeled) Anyway, I'm taking the last body pattern from the Cherry Blossom Shawl from this springs issue of Interweave Knits and just knitting it as a scarf, gauge is rougly 6-7 stitches per inch, on size 8s... this would go really well if I had the attention span needed to concentrate on the pattern.

5. The JCR afgan project, but it's a secret until next month. I'll tell you then, I swear.

4. (The last project, I swear, and the one currently sitting in my backpack) The Ocean Sweater... knit on szie 13s in mohair, it's going wondersouly fast (10 inches since I started yesterday!) This mohair is GORGEOUS, I got it at Spindles, Shuttles, and Skeins in Boulder, CO, while on choir tour last month... I have 3 colors: blue, green, and gray, but they're all slightly variegated, using the other colors and all look like the ocean at different times of day, so I'm knitting in the flat, using one-row stripes of each color, but it doesn't look that stripey, which is very, very cool.

Non-Knitting news of the Day: JCR's posting the Requiem soloists today (supposedly) my audition blew, but OH! how I lust after this part... sigh