Thursday, August 31, 2006


Hey look! I do exsist! Check out what my awesome secret pal gave me! You should check out Holly Jo's blog!

There are some pretty postcards of Alaska (where she's from), some neat sock yarn and double points and this super neat pouch to hold me knitting as I walk around and stuff. And some really pretty stitch markers in the beautiful jewelry pouch.

Also, here's what my Knit the Classics Swap Partner gave me:

That's a lot of different types of tea, Stolen Tongue, candy, pretty yarn, and gerbil treats.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm here!

Not a lot new on the knitting front. The big news is, we bought a house and moved to Arlington last week. I'm slowly unearthing all my yarn and books and everything. Not a lot of blog about (maybe the ever-growing pile of flattened boxes?) BUT! I now have more yarn storage and a guest bedroom complete with bed that can have things blocking on it for a few days!!!


It also has a jumbo kitchen to entertain all of my cooking and entertaining fantasies.

One of these days, I'll return to Stitch 'n Bitch. But it might be a few more weeks yet.

OH! But I got an awesome package from my Knit the Classics swap partner and I'll fully blog about that later when I find my camera.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Adventures in the Great Beyond

Oh yeah, it's a bajillion degress and I've been wearing a scarf for the last few days? Why? Because my most awesomest of secret pals made it for me for my BIRTHDAY. And it was one of those super awesome presents that actually gets there ON your birthday! It's the falling leaves scarf from Knitty and her FIRST EVER lace project and she gave it to ME! I'm so super honored. And it's so super-pretty!

The first picture, Dan took because he was sick of me hogging the bathroom mirror while he was trying to brush his teeth. But I forgot to turn the flash back on. Silly me.

Check it out!

AND! A ball of Kid Silk Haze. Yummy.

Yesterday, one of my knitting coworkers was all excited because she's planning on knitting the same pattern in a similiar yarn and was happy to see how nice it looked!

And I went to Florida 2 weekends ago now.

My flight was super delayed. Stupid Southwest. Instead of getting in at midnight, I LEFT at 12:30. I got to Ali's house around 4am. BUT! When I woke up and turned over in bed, this is what I saw. (Except it was really sunny out)

I am a northern girl through and through, but I don't know why that girl ever moved to Iowa. (She explains, "We didn't live in this house then")

Mary's sock enjoyed the Devil Ray's game!

So did Ali's cowbell!

Then last week a dear friend from England came. We went out for my birthday with other friends. Dan took us all to West Virginia where we hung out in a cabin in the mountains and played horseshoes and laid about in hammocks and grilled out and had fires and made s'mores and played putt putt. And it was AWESOME.


Fun things about knitting friends moving to Hawai'i. They give you all their Alpaca yarn from Peru. And some random Peace Fleece. And other Wool-Ease. SWEET.

Fun things I saw walking through Silver Spring on my way to the metro stop to go to my birthday dinner party thing.

But OH NO! What's that eating the Discovery Channel Building?!

Du dum. Du dum.



AND! There's even been some knitting. Look! I'm almost done turning the heel. And everyone should note that this is the SECOND sock.