Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yarn Stores

I went to Stitch DC in Georgetown yesterday morning. It was pretty nice-- I fell in love with 225 yards of lace weight cashmere in beautiful colors. There may still be a little puddle of drool on the floor. The price tag kept it firmly on the shelf though, and not in my yarn stash.

But the store made me realize something that I really miss about the Midwest-- large yarn stores. Rent is much out East these days that yarn stores are small with a higher markup. Ah well, what am I going to do? I shouldn't be buying yarn anyway-- gotta stick to the stash diet!

Monday, April 09, 2007


I need to get off my duff and take some pictures to share with y'all.

But I finished knitting the teddy bear. There's a lot of finishing that needs to be done but for knitting I picked up a crazy ball yarn felted pillow project that I've been working on for awhile now (it's my between projects project).

I started whitening my teeth today. Now they're hyper-sensitive. Blargh.