Saturday, February 24, 2007

bad me

Man, I'm really out of practice with this blogging thing.

I also need to get the pictures off my camera and onto here!

I'm knitting some legwarmers. They're brown and one is done.

My friend Sarah hooked me up with mad amounts of Lamb's Pride for Christmas.

I got the greatest bunch of needles from a secret awesome person who's real-life identity I've uncovered. ;) LOVE HER.

I also got the new KnitPicks Options needle things, but I haven't used 'em yet.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh, Wow

Peace Fleece Knitting Needle Replacement Squad? I don't know what to say, except wow. I am humbled and thankful and whomever you are, your kindness made me cry (but you know, in that good way).


Monday, February 05, 2007


Oh, it looks like the vast majority of my knitting needles did, indeed, disappear during the move.

I can't find them. Anywhere. Just gone gone gone gone gone.

That full set of Peace Fleece straights I bought last spring? Gone.

My half dozen sets of Lantern Moons? Gone.

Those dozen Addi Turbos? Gone.

All my Brittanys? Gone.

Crochet hooks? Gone.

Double Points? Gone.

All my other needles? GONE GONE GONE.