Monday, February 24, 2003

Wow... people actually read this thing and email me, asking me to update... who knew??

Anyway... lots of knitting.

For the wedding I had completed 1 black shawl and 2 1/3 red ones, so, the flower girl wore hers and my sister (maid of honor) wore hers (which had the most beadwork) the others will get their's sometime in July.

Oh yeah, the wedding was PERFECT. Except for that little bit where I thought the minister was done talking and leaned in for my kiss, but everyone else realized he was just taking a breath. It put everyone in a light-hearted mood for the party. Dan and I really couldn't have asked for anything more.

AND! Dan's cousin gave us a weekend's accomadation at 4 star B & Bs in Scotland for our present and Dan won 2 first class tickets on Virgin trains, so we went up on Valentine's Day weekend. Scotland = land of yummy wool and SO MANY FREAKING KNIT WEAR STORES ON THE ROYAL MILE!!!! Very cool. I got sooooooooooooo much Shetland Wool and am using it for my next project-- the Watermark Sweater.

Watermark is the first track on Enya's album by the same name. It's a pretty simple piano solo, so I have 9 shades of blues, one for each note, one for rests and one for accidentals. Each 1/8 note is a stripe, but I'm doubling up the yarn, so it's 2 notes in a stripe, in linen stitch so it undulates a bit. I'm 3.5 measures and 2.5 inches in and so far, so good!

Done projects:
Jessi's scarf
La Lana Hat (bit small. damnit)
Becca's scarf

Jessi's tank top would be done, but I left one of th pieces in England when I went home. Gargh.

The green sweater is almost done. It was done, but 2 inches too short, so I knit 2 more inches, took out the cast-on row and am trying to graft the 2 together. In rib. I got mad at it and put it back on time-out.

I'm teaching my housemates to knit! Kate had skill envy and Jenny's thought it would be a good cure for her quest for the perfect jumper.

Dan needs to computer. Topics for next time: Book Reviews of Hollywood Knits and The Anarchist Knitter and Hip Knits, and The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch. The great gauge swatch debacle of the Watermark sweater (or, why I started 4 times). Upcoming project ideas.