Thursday, October 27, 2005


Wow. Two posts in two days!

Anyway... I also realized that the picture of yesterday's package didn't fully show the very pretty drop spindle and BOOK that came with it. I will try to spin again.

And the first package from my secret pal? The one with the RYC book? And the missing dashboard diva? I should also point out that the package also contained some Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. BUT I ATE THEM. Because I am a Jelly Belly monster. I would also like to mention that I'm quite disconcerted at how much I enjoy the soap flavored ones. Erm. Yes, I am a freak.

And to answer Emily's question re Chocolate Decandance... still working on the second sleeve. I really havn't been knitting lately, because my hands have been pretty sore.

And not that next month is going to be any better. NaNo will eat my life.

And about my commute-- living in one suburb and working in another does not lend itself well to public transportation. It would require 2 hours, 2 trains and a bus, and given that I work 2 nights a week... I instead spend about 30-45 minutes on the Beltway.

And here are some things I learned about DC:
1. Beltway gridlock doesn't always refer to Congress. The other day, it took me 30 minutes to go 2 miles
2. Capital Hill, is, in fact, a big hill.
3. Living South of the Mason-Dixon line means that fall just came on Monday.

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fattynora said...

whats with this whole knitting thing? not trying to be rude, just a question