Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Ack, HolyKnitter, I know, I know. Part of me telling you I wanted to update once a week was so y'all could ride me when I didn't!

Knitting update:
Secret Knitting is done. And about to not be a secret because ANN ARBOR! I NEED DENISE'S ADDRESS! Or hey! Denise! I need your address!

I'm working on the UFO Rebecca Wrap. Miles of Brioche Stitch = done! First sleeve = done! YAY! Second sleeve is almost up to the bit where I start increasing. Then sewing in the sleeves.

I'm looking for a good pattern for a sweater done in a fingering weight yarn. Preferably a stripey cardigan. I know. I'll have to design it myself. Poo.

I have some knitting books to review, too.

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