Monday, January 05, 2009


I was trying to design a shawl. A circular one. Let's just say my math FAILED.

I could try to get ahold of a copy of Knitting Around (my library doesn't have it, so I'd have to ILL, because we are NOT SPENDING MONEY right now.) And then I'd look at Zimmerman's math formulas for the Pi R Square shawl and see if I could figure it out but... that sounds like a lot of work, and I'm trying to enjoy knitting again, you know?

SO! I will knit a different shawl. I think I found one I like in A Gathering of Lace. Interesting enough to keep my interest, mindless enough to knit when The Tudors - Season 2 arrives on my doorstep sometime tomorrow.

Either way, I have 2400 yards of GORGEOUS Zephr Wool/Silk laceweight in a dark peacock green. I bought it ages ago at Maryland sheep and wool. It's time I used it!

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