Friday, August 30, 2002

Gah! It's been a long time since posting. Sorry. I've also been weeks behind in reading my email as well.

Me (non knitting) Volunteering at a cool library in the mornings. Being a shitty travel agent afternoons/evenings.
Me (knitting) Working at yarn store on Sat. afternoons and getting paid in cash at the end of the day (this gets a big YAY because the British will not let me open a bank account, nor will the let me cash my paycheck unless I have a bank account, so I have lots of money, just no way to access it. It's very frustrating.)

Project wise--gloves are done, everything's just waiting to be blocked...
Am working on a pair of toe-up socks in really nice yarn Dan bought me whilst backpacking through Europe. They fit nicely in my purse
Also on the needles is a Rowan's Libby Cardigan in super chunky wool (the back for a size adult medium only takes 34 stitches. The back took me 1/2 hour to knit. Literally.) This isn't for me, but for the window display in the shop (so now knitting is work. YAY)
Jessi's tank top is making good progress. Booby cups are done, I-cord is almost done, have also started on the body
Swatching swatching swatching for stoles for my bridesmaids because I'm getting married on January 11th! yay we set the date!

Also, on Tuesday I need to call the lady from Rowan and see about a possible job as a design consultant. YAY!

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