Friday, August 02, 2002

So I finished the second boob cup for Jessi's tank and decided to take a break and tackle that wonderous Lalana wool.

Yum. This stuff is amazing. I did almost all of the fez, changed the ending, decided I didn't like it and should just do the pattern as written, got really paranoid about having enough yarn and decided to to the gloves, then go back and do the hat with the yarn left.

I didn't read the part of the pattern that says there's a selvidge stitch on one side that isn't included in the patterning but IS included in the stitch counts, so I autocorrected and was too lazy to rip and correct when I realized my autocorrect was actually a mistake. Blah. So my seams might not be as pretty as can be. Sod it. The freize stitch pattern sure is pretty though and fun to knit in that challenging but doable sort of way. (It's adapented from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury)

Dan comes back tomorrow. YAY!

I miss the axis of diva.

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