Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Off Pops Jack!

I tried to teach a group of 8 year olds how to knit at a birthday party on Saturday. I don't know how successful I was but it was a lot of fun AND managed by shut-up my ovaries since two close friends of mine announced their impending mother-dom last week.

On the other hand, watch this space for more bonnets! Or not. One of the mothers was in on the last slew of bonnets. But damn, those things are fun to knit...

In my other knitting news, I'm almost done with the front for Chocolate Decadance. I've done the neckline and have picked up and knit a few rows of the top hem. I think I'll have to sew the hems before I start the back though, or at least the top one, as I don't know what to do with the stitches and I want to sew them live, not bound off, and I don't think I have enough stitch holders...

Tonight's my last A2 Knit In! :( So you should all come, because on Sunday? I'm outta here.

Beth-- I understand what you mean about swatching. A sleeve can also be a really good swatch. Just not when you're the designer, because you have no place to start.

Also... I completed my class on Creating Web Pages. It was a good class. I fully and highly recomend it for anyone who wants to learn some HTML. Anyway, I want to put my skills to use, so I've been thinking of adding to this site some lessons on how to do cool things, like a German Twisted Cast-On and cables, etc etc. Are there any things you want to learn? Let me know!!!

And here's a little knitting rhyme...

Into the hole
Around the back
Through the loop

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Kelle said...

I wish I could stop in tonight and say "goodbye" :( but I can't. I will be at KARYS tomorrow - stop in for a Chai Latte :) I love the idea of instruction on your blog...I've learned a lot in your classes - german twisted cast on is very cool - so... you could do something with lace and of course cables?? Maybe a knitalong cable project? Anyway...good luck with your move and new life in DC. Keep in touch! Thanks for the web site class info...I think I'm going to take it. I need it! I've been trying to do a web site for the company I work for...check it out - it needs help. www.michiganplayworks.com