Monday, April 24, 2006


I'm having massive power supply issues with my computer and therefore have no way to take pictures off my camera! :( Plus, I'll have to send my baby to the shop and tech support thinks they'll have to send it away... :(

Anyway... I have finished knitting my baby extravaganza, and just have a few more seams to sew up. There's been lots of seam sewing these past few days... I hate seam sewing.

Then, I'm going to start knitting a Christmas stocking for someone I'm in training with. I've figured out the pattern already. I just have to finish my yardage estimate so I can give her a price estimate.

My computer dying is really most aggrivating though...

In other news, I randomly ran into someone I went to church with growing up on the metro on Friday night after we thought the ballgame was going be rained out... and we hung out and it was fun. And there are stories from that night that I could tell you. And I will tell you if I see you and you ask me.

And then on Saturday I went to a house party with a bunch of people from the KATO institute. Because nothing's more fun than being a public employee in a room full of liberatarians. :) It was a good party though. Courtney makes a damn fine brownie.

But really? Anyone out there get Rowan and have it yet? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!

And Lynne!! We need to hang out at the fesitival!

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freddyknits said...

Hoodang! Let's do it! I've never been & don't know my way around. Where should we meet & when?