Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sock Hell

As soon as I posted about my knitting slump, it went away. I finished the angora lace scarf (no pix yet, soonish)

I got more re-enforcement for Dan's sock, so I cast on and last Sunday at knitting group, I got all the way to the heel-turning bit (huh, I just mistpyed and wrote hell-turning... Hello? Dr. Freud?) Anyway... my hands were getting tired so that night while watching TV, I went to tighten the toe stitches (because they're toe-up and tightening of the figure-8 cast on is very important) and... I somehow completely pants it up.

So I ripped the whole damn thing out. And started again. I'm still on my toe increases. Grrrrrr.

But tomorrow night, I'm going for a girl's weekend in Florida and it will be awesome.

And next Thursday, I won't be at work... until the following Tuesday. Just celebrating my birthday and hanging out with faraway friends. I can't wait.

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Holly Jo said...

Have a lovely time on your trip. Enjoy the time off work. :)