Monday, May 13, 2002

All squares are in and accounted for. All have been blocked (some, more than once. ah well). What's the best way to put them together? Also, hoping Ali could get some matching yarn in Iowa City. (Silly us, knit all the yarn up!)

The gray lace scarf was ripped completely out and restarted over the weekend. sigh. NOTE ON KNITTING LACE SCARVES: count your stiches at the end of every row, just to be sure you're still on track. on the other hand, scarf is now longer than it's ever been at a whopping 6 inches.

I will probably wear the ocean sweater to Phantom of the Opera on Wednesday. Too bad it's May and still sweater weather. Bah.

Non-Knitting News By this time next week, I will be a college grad.

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