Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Oh, I had forgotten the wonderful curse that is Ebay... such nice, nice pretty yarn. Do I need more yarn? No. Can afford such yarn when I'm moving to England in a month with no job or plane ticket? No. Did I bid anyway? Yes. Why? Because of the possiblities, the dreams. Oh, the places you'll go, the things you'll knit. Did you read Perri Klass's column in the current issue of Knitter's? The dreams we knit. I'll knit this shawl and it will give me the solitude that one imagines one would have if they owned such a shawl.

I've been thinking about the possibilites that a knit garment carries with it when dealing with the question of should I attempt to sell the gray lace scarf? I don't wear scarves (as this is lace, it's a decorative thing. I wear scarves in February, when I should.) But I can see my self looking young, urban, and proffessional (yuppie, oh, how dissapointed I am that I haven't even graduated from my hippie mid-western liberal arts school and this is what I'm dreaming of!) but I see myself gliding across busy city streets with such a scarf jauntily thrown around my neck... Do I want to give up the dream? Isn't it all just a bit silly?

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