Friday, July 12, 2002

GOD DAMN IT! Not only is my last post NOT posting, but the post I just wrote got deleted because blogger's "sign out" buttons and "post and publish" buttons are WAY too close together.

That, and even though I always click the "remember me" option on Blogger, it never does remember me (and yes, I only use one computer)

OK, so today I was trying to figure out how many sweaters I should bring next week when I move and Dan told me 2. And I thought, what? only two? With my sweater addition? And then he tells me that there are no situations in which you would ever need more than 2 sweaters ever What the hell? I tried to explain that we grew up in drastically different climates and naturally had different view points on it, me from the rather frigid Wisconsin northlands, and he from Houston. He didn't buy it. Long and short, I still have no idea how many sweaters I should bring. I think I'll email he best friend, who currently lives in London and understands such things. Yeesh.

Something I realized last night while trying on the super-cool sleeveless cotton sweater--shells are neat. I should knit some.

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