Monday, July 22, 2002

OK! I'm in England! YAY...

I was reading Cosmo on the plane (yeah yeah yeah, I know) and it had this summer's what's hot, what's not list. Under "cool secret home hobby" beading was hot, knitting was not. whatever.

Also, you cannot knit on AirCanada yet. It still has pictures of knitting needles on all the signs of what you're not allowed to bring on and while getting my bags randomly searched at the gate, the man asked me if I had the needles to go with the yarn he found. He was happy when I told them I checked them, because he didn't want to confiscate them, but he wouldn've had to. Anyway, he then asked if I had made the sweater I was wearing (my new red one) and I said yes and he was very impressed and even repacked my bag for me. Oh yeah.

Do you know who should write a blog that I would read religiously? Jessi. That's who. You know who you are.

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