Wednesday, July 31, 2002

6 people, 1 phone line, and only dial-up access make for very sporadic and limited online time. sigh.

Anyway, Jessi's scarf is done and I'm almost done with the second boob cup of her tank top! YAY!

I'm going down to that yarn store on Friday to see if they can hook me up, otherwise I'm staying here in temping limbo. Actually, it should be OK as a temp. Decent money, it's just a matter if they find something for me next week or not. Hopefully I can get steady work, because I really hate this state of financial desperation.

Monday, July 22, 2002

OK! I'm in England! YAY...

I was reading Cosmo on the plane (yeah yeah yeah, I know) and it had this summer's what's hot, what's not list. Under "cool secret home hobby" beading was hot, knitting was not. whatever.

Also, you cannot knit on AirCanada yet. It still has pictures of knitting needles on all the signs of what you're not allowed to bring on and while getting my bags randomly searched at the gate, the man asked me if I had the needles to go with the yarn he found. He was happy when I told them I checked them, because he didn't want to confiscate them, but he wouldn've had to. Anyway, he then asked if I had made the sweater I was wearing (my new red one) and I said yes and he was very impressed and even repacked my bag for me. Oh yeah.

Do you know who should write a blog that I would read religiously? Jessi. That's who. You know who you are.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Sweater is done (and lovely. Especially with my fab new glasses)

Vest is designed for mom (and she understood my pattern! even better)

And I made carry-on bag custom made for my size allowance AND it will be the coolest knitting bag when I get off the plane and am allowed to put knitting needles in it, because I built in a needle case in the lining.

Mmm-mmm. I rule.

Wait, I still haven't packed and I leave in 11.5 hours. Hmmm....
Making ever more progress...

I leave tomorrow! ACK!

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

In addition to all the other crap I need to get done by Thursday morning (when I leave! yay!)

I need to sew a lot.
I need to design a vest pattern for my mom
I need to finish this last 1/2 sleeve.

It's ok.

Monday, July 15, 2002

One sleeve on! I tried it on with one sleeve and it was very nice--one sleeve left to go! (And a lot of sewing. Gargh. But not on this sweater)

3 days left people! Woo-hoo!

Saturday, July 13, 2002

Hmmm... so, I'm trying to figure out how to do the sleeves on this thing. I'd like to pick up and knit down, because I HATE sewing armhole seams and really suck at it. Here's the deal. There's shaping on the front, not on the back, and some stitches have been placed on stitch holders at the armhole... I think I'm just going to pick them all up (well, not all, I have to account for the fact that 5 sts. to the inch does not equal 7 rows to the inch) and just see if it works... hmmm...

Got so frustrated with it last night I did some work on the green sweater... yeesh.

Friday, July 12, 2002

GOD DAMN IT! Not only is my last post NOT posting, but the post I just wrote got deleted because blogger's "sign out" buttons and "post and publish" buttons are WAY too close together.

That, and even though I always click the "remember me" option on Blogger, it never does remember me (and yes, I only use one computer)

OK, so today I was trying to figure out how many sweaters I should bring next week when I move and Dan told me 2. And I thought, what? only two? With my sweater addition? And then he tells me that there are no situations in which you would ever need more than 2 sweaters ever What the hell? I tried to explain that we grew up in drastically different climates and naturally had different view points on it, me from the rather frigid Wisconsin northlands, and he from Houston. He didn't buy it. Long and short, I still have no idea how many sweaters I should bring. I think I'll email he best friend, who currently lives in London and understands such things. Yeesh.

Something I realized last night while trying on the super-cool sleeveless cotton sweater--shells are neat. I should knit some.
Oh yeah... I knit up the shoulder seams last night and tried that baby on... mmm mmm... sexy mama...

Someday I will have web space so I can host pictures and show y'all what I'm doing...

Just the sleeves yet to go, but I need to type up a week's worth of meeting minutes before I'm allowing myself to touch the needles again. Poo.

Also, need to sew a lot before I leave. Things to sew:
Pajama pants for me
Pajama pants for Dan
Denim skirt made out of old jeans
Needle Cases! Needle Cases! Needle Cases!

Thursday, July 11, 2002

ARGH! So, 4.5 inches into the split (I'm knitting all 3 pieces simaltanously) I realize that my left front is 2 stitches off of my right front. ARGH. In my never-ending search for perfection, I rip the entire left front out and start again... and I'm still 1 stitch off and can't figure out where. I think I might just be a stitch off period from the beginning, so screw it. I just hope I stay one stitch off and not more.

One week from today I move to England! YAY!
I'm still in the running for the classic elite fame that's up for trade at my life in stitches! woo-hoo! it's so pretty... but what to make with it???? hmmmm... well, shouldn't get my hopes up and i'm sure that (if i get it) as soon as i feel and see it and knit a swatch, i'll get a good idea...

As for the red cotton thing... YES YES YES, this baby's been split for the armholes... and less than 5 inches before i stich up the shoulder seams. YAY!

lyle lovett's on leno again?

one week from tomorrow and i'll be gone... hells yeah...

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

uh-oh... Dad outfitted my laptop with a wireless network card... I, being the queen of multitasking and watching TV, knitting, and surfing the web... yeesh. Why can I only multi-task my slacker tasks?

Sweater's now up to 10 inches. 3 more inches until I split for the armhole.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

We now have 6 beautiful inches. The yarn is "Saucy" by Reynolds. 5 sts. to the inch on size 7s. Suprisinly drapey. I hope I get it done in time to wear on the plane!


Monday, July 08, 2002

So, I cast on again and things were going OK until I realized that I was knitting a GIANT MOBIUS STRIP!!!

Take 3 on the needles... grrrr...
ARGH! So after furiously knitting away all afternoon and finishing 6 inches on my 3/4 sleeve red cotton sweater, I find that I made 3 grave errors-- mistook my measurements, miscounted gauge, AND cast on too many stitches, so it was HUGE!

I hate frogging.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Hey all! I am back from vacation, refreshed and wonderful... one of the highlights of my week by the lake was talking to other knitters. It was the knitting community I've been needing...

1. Yarn store job in Manchester looking more and more promising
2. Just saw one of the KnitU-ers has a U. of Man. email address!
3. My new cotton yarn is here and wonderful and on the needles!
4. My PeaceFleece that I've been worried about will now be a raglan sweater with green body and red sleeves.
5. Tank top is done and ultra-sexy! AND I've been commissoned to knit another one, plush an eyelash scarf.
6. I knit Mom a hat.
7. 11 more days!