Thursday, December 09, 2004

I bought so much Encore last night it's not even funny. All for baby items.

So, sorry about lack of meaningful updates, but you know, people read this. People who can't know what I'm knitting for them, cause that would take the fun out of Chritmas, no wouldn't it? December 26th will be the biggest most picture-rific update ever. Promise. But it might not happen until the 28th.

Last night someone came to drop in with crochet questions. She wanted to learn new stitches, but couldn't read crochet instructions. Yeah, Jennie don't crochet too good. But somehow I managed to blag my way through the evening well enough that she ended up with an Irish Crochet Double Rose that was super schweet. I felt really proud of myself.

The dress got made and was wearable and everything. Even if I did look like a nun who had lost her whimple. Kinda the point. Should I sew more??? I am debating.

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