Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Pictures of the uterus I knit for my friend Kate. Pattern is here. Instead of the yarn called for, I used Rowan Big Wool in color tricky. Which is nice and swirly-pink on a size 11 needle. This makes it a tight gauge (so the stuffing doesn't leak out) but I still got 3st/1inch, making it a bit bigger than called for. The thing is still really small (I pictured it with my 60in measuring tape so you could get a feel of the size).

The whole uterus took about 1/2 a ball. I had bought 2 balls, so now I'm making mittens. I have 1 and 1/2 done. I'll post the pictures/pattern when I'm done, which will hopefully be tonight, as I lost my mittens last year and now it's snowing and my hands are cold.

Also, new link in the references section to Knit A Round which is the store I work at. If you click on the newsletter link you can see classes for next semester, including the ones I'm teaching!

Also, UM students-- keep your eyes open for classes at Pierpont. It looks like I'll be teaching on Tuesdays? Maybe?

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