Friday, December 03, 2004

So, it turns out that I've been doing my yarn-overs incorrectly.

There are 2 versions of the yarn over:
1. You knit with the yarn in the wrong place (ie, the yarn is in front, as if you were going to purl, but you knit instead).

2. You actually wrap the yarn around the needle, as in an "e" cast-on, except it's not a backward loop.

You can't do the first one if you're purling! Well, at least not in slipped stich patterns. I don't know about other ones. I think that the second one is supposed to be the "correct" way and creates a bigger hole, but I really like the first way. My holes are the same size both ways and the first version is quicker to execute and creates a better rhythm.

Dress= mostly assembled. Things left to do: trim and press open and tack down the bodice and skirt seam (I think overlocking it would create something itchy on my tummy) put in zipper (slightly scary) cut out facing and then sew it in. Hem.

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