Thursday, January 27, 2005

Real Conversations with My Husband
circa last week, while driving

Me: Tonight [drop-in at Knit-A-Round] rocked!
Him: Why?
Me: 'Cuz this lady came in with a really messed up project and I fixed it! I felt like a rockstar.
Him: You should become a professional knitter.
Me: There's no money in it. I prefer eating.
Him: Then open a yarn store.
Me: The only place I can think of that is in desperate need of one that I'd want to live is London.
Him: Ok.
Me: Ok? Your typical work visa doesn't allow you to be an entrepenuer. Or entertainer.
Him: All you need is get backing and prove that'll it'll creat something like 3 British jobs.
Me: Serious?
Him: Mm-hmmm
Me: And then if you want books, you need a bookseller's liscense...
Him: Jen, all that stuff is easy to get. It wouldn't be that hard to do.
Me: hmmmmmmm...

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Opalamity said...

Oh wow, that sounds just awesome :-) London, England!! Rock on.