Monday, February 06, 2006


There are no pictures on this post, because I'm at work and stuff.

Anyway. So I went to Stitch and Bitch last night (suck it SFSE). And because I get off at the Chinatown Metro station, I got to see part of the Dragon Dance because it was the big New Year's celebration. I then kicked myself all the way to SnB because I forgot my camera.

At SnB I showed off how absolutely huge Birch is getting and freaked out that I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish it. (Rowan says it only takes 3 balls of kidsilk haze, but that third ball was getting pretty small...) and they reassured me and I knew it would be OK, because I had more kid crack in the same shade of blue...

I got home and fretted to Dan (and his response was "Really? There might be more kidsilk haze around here? Who knew?" The master of sarcasm, Dan is.) I did some laundry and knit and knit and knit while watching the Superbowl, even though I didn't really care because, well, I just didn't care. But I knit and knit and knit and knew that there was NO WAY I could finish with that last ball so the great stash hunt commenced.

Why is it that the yarn you're looking for is always at the bottom of the last bin?! Gah. And I have way way way way way way way too much yarn. Gah.

But I found it and it's a different dye lot, so I alternated it with the other yarn to blend it in and am knitting madly away.

I'm down to 75 stitchs. WOO!!!

And, yes, Lynne, I could put it on a holder, but I'm so freaking close to being done, that I'd rather just finish it! Plus, the library is coooooooooooooooooooooooold so I want to wear it at work.

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