Thursday, February 09, 2006


Would you look at that?! Draped all down my back like that?

Look ma! No needles! (Also, I'm a tall girl. Look how big that thing is!) So, yes, I cast off darling Birch last night. She needs her ends woven in and to be blocked (a project for tomorrow) but the knitting is done and she is lovely and I loved knitting her. LOVED. I highly recommend this pattern to anyone and everyone. My only suggestion is to use LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of stitch markers. (I had one every 10 stitches, so that was 29 when I started!!!

So, big, even when I stand on chairs, I can't photograph the whole thing!

In other news, my wonderful Secret Pal is evil. The other day she commented on this very blog about how there was an entrelac wrap in Scarf Stylebut it wasn't on my wish list so she didn't know if I had it... and I thought to myself, well, I looked at the book when it came out in the book store, and it didn't really grab me, so I didn't want it but she mentioned this wrap, so I wanted to go see it. Luckily, I work in the library, so it just required walking about 50 feet and wow. What a book. I don't know why it didn't grab me before but it sure does now!!! (And that wrap! Gorgeous!) So now, it's on my wish list.


HolyKnitter said...

Dude, you don't have Scarf Style? Even *I* have Scarf Style, and have already knitted several projects from it. Love that book!

Emily said...

Birch looks awesome!

Pixiepurls said...

congrats, i ordered the yarn for this last night. I hope I only need 3 balls though, your gauge must have been bigger.

Jennie said...

My gauge might have been bigger. I didn't really check, because it's a shawl, so I didn't really care. BUT I do know that I am not the only person to have this problem.

Anonymous said...

I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not - you will love that stole if you make it. Not that I have made one, but there is a knitalong for it that has some really fantastic ones pictured. It is at if you want to see. I'm not helping am I? lol