Thursday, February 02, 2006

I give in!

So... I've decided to join Stephanie's Knitting Olympics.

I'm doing the Market Squares bag from Knitter's Summer 2001 because...

1. I've never ever ever done Entrelac before. Ever. And it's like the only knitting thing I haven't at least tried before.
2. I don't felt a lot and have a hard time getting stuff felted down to where I like it.

And guess what? I ordered new yarn for the project because I don't think I have enough felt-able stash yarn that will match. This is the first time I've bought yarn for myself since moving last August, which was almost six months ago!!!! (Thank god for my secret pals who keep supplying me with the good stuff!!!!) And I got it from knitpicks, so I spent less than $20. And I got a bunch of yarn for my secret pal.

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