Saturday, April 13, 2002

As of last night there are now 17 inches done on the back piece of the Ocean Sweater... 5 more to go... I was very productive in the car on the way to Iowa City and playing trivial pursuit last night (the boys won. barely. gargh) so now I need to think about necklines... I know I want a boat neckline... do I want to drop the front slightly (an inch? less than that?) or take the easy way out and not drop it at all? Also, if I have enough yarn left over, do I want to add a cowl neckline? hmmm... decisions...

Other decisions... Kate W.'s getting rid of all that nice bulky sage green wool-ease. Do I want it for a cabled cardigan? Maybe... temptation

Non-Knitting News JCR did NOT post Requiem soloists yet... do I want to ask him to sponsor me for my Senior Honor's Recital audition? hmmm...

Kate and Ariel are trying to plan a wedding. Neither of them have ever been to a wedding, it's kinda funny. But I get to through a bachelorette party. Hells yeah.


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