Sunday, April 21, 2002

I am half-way done with the fringing of the shawl... This is the last dance concert, so I should get a lot more work done on it this afternoon. I figured that the way I would deal with the worming yarn was to pull all the extra loops to one side, then tack them down with the same fringe I'm using on the border. My art-salon artsy-fartsy name for the piece is "Post-Partem/Empty Nest: My Momma's Blues" I think the ocean sweater will just be called "North Atlantic".

Alicia came into the costume studio last night and saw me working on my sleeve. When she asked what I was making and I replied sweater, she asked for whom (though I think she actually said "who" Dan's bad for me, making me care about stupid shit like that) anyway, I answered "for me" and she said "Good! It's about time you made something for yourself, evertime I see you knitting, it's always for your mom, or dad or Dan, or someone..." Maybe I should take the hint.

In a burst of not-taking the hint, I have decided to knit my sister a bikini for her birthday next month.

Non-Knitting News I graduate a month from yesterday and I still haven't managed to send out my graduation announcements, much less figure out what I'm doing besides "moving to England to be with the boy". sigh

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