Friday, April 12, 2002

So, this is my blog... I'm new to the blog world, but campus has something similiar... Anyway... rundown on the projects (I hope to post pictures and patterns once I get the hang of this):

1. Mom's shawl that's left over from Christmas... I NEED to get this done before her birthday! It's a basic garter-stich, cast one stitch one, KPK into that stich. row 3: K1, YO K to end. Repeat row 3. But it's knit in lots of fibers (all shades of blue with some purple and green) in mixed fiber stripes on size 17 needles... and the knitting's done, I just need to fringe it, which is BORING! and, the chenille wormed on me, which I did not know chenille would do... sigh, so I need to somehow tack the stretched-out loops in such a way that it looks like I meant to do that...

2. The ribbed turtleneck sweater... this sweater is done in beautiful Kamchatka SeaMoss worsted weight ( they're good people) and was going *perfectly* until it came time for the sleeves... so the ribbed pattern is supposed to be stretched when worn, and I knew one inch was 4 stitchs horizontally but didn't even stop to think about vertically (which is 6.5 stitches to the inch), so when I cast up the side of the armhole, I just picked up a stitch in every stitch... *sigh*... of course I didn't realize this until I had finished the first sleeve and triumphantly tried it on... then ripped out 2 weeks worth of work and hid the sweater. I think it can come out next week.

3. The gray lace scarf. This is knit on some lace-weight yarn of unknown fiber source that I picked up while in China. (Yes, I can read fiber labels in Chinese, this yarn just wasn't labeled) Anyway, I'm taking the last body pattern from the Cherry Blossom Shawl from this springs issue of Interweave Knits and just knitting it as a scarf, gauge is rougly 6-7 stitches per inch, on size 8s... this would go really well if I had the attention span needed to concentrate on the pattern.

5. The JCR afgan project, but it's a secret until next month. I'll tell you then, I swear.

4. (The last project, I swear, and the one currently sitting in my backpack) The Ocean Sweater... knit on szie 13s in mohair, it's going wondersouly fast (10 inches since I started yesterday!) This mohair is GORGEOUS, I got it at Spindles, Shuttles, and Skeins in Boulder, CO, while on choir tour last month... I have 3 colors: blue, green, and gray, but they're all slightly variegated, using the other colors and all look like the ocean at different times of day, so I'm knitting in the flat, using one-row stripes of each color, but it doesn't look that stripey, which is very, very cool.

Non-Knitting news of the Day: JCR's posting the Requiem soloists today (supposedly) my audition blew, but OH! how I lust after this part... sigh

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