Monday, February 28, 2005

No pictures this week, as Dan abscounded with my camera. Abscounded all the way to ETHIOPIA! Crazy!

Anyway... so this weekend I realized that one row of blocks was 2 rows short. A row to blocks 2 ROWS DOWN! After much testing, I decided that I could fudge the seaming so I did NOT have to rip it out. Thank God. I was scared there for awhile.

This weekend I got out my sweater machine again and promised myself I would actually learn to use it so I could knit stuff on it. Stuff I want to wear but don't want to knit. It has some limitations, so there's a good chance I will half hand knit and half Bond it up.

I haven't learned how to use it yet. But I'm getting better. For some reason, about 6 rows in, as a knit a row, I end up somehow, inexplicidly remove the entire work off the needle bed. What the heck???

I mean, each stitch instead of knitting removes off the needles.

I wish I knew *Why* so I could stop doing that! It's usually about an inch or 2 in. But one time I got up to a crazy 5 inches before it happened. Anyone have any clue? I might call the helpline soon.

This Saturday, I taught a class on knitting in the round. I had proposed it as a series, but it got offered as a 2 hour workshop. So, circs, double points, 2 circs, and magic loop all in a jam-packed 2 hours. It was too much. It really should be 2 workshops.

Next Saturday I'm teaching mobieus knitting as found in A Treasury of Magical Knitting. I have to learn how to do it first. Eep!

But I have to say I'm super excited for my 4-week "Beyond Basic Knitting". It's a full class and the people I know that signed up are awesome. It should be lots of fun! I figure I'll teach cables and lace and colorwork and new decreases and increases and cast ons and stuff, but it'll be pretty class-directed. I figure on the first day I'll just see what people want to learn and then teach it!

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freddyknits said...

Think the shop ladies would let me sit in on your class? Sounds like fun!