Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Yay! It looks like the program will buy some of the yarn I bought.

I have more than enough people to give needles to. (And I'm going to keep some of 'em).

Margaret has also said she'll take some off my hands when she visits on Thursday.


And, hopefully, new computer this week. Tonight even! Maybe!


freddyknits said...

Hey Jennie. I am going to teach beginning knitting at my son's school this summer. If you still have surplus needles/materials maybe I could buy them from you?

Jennie said...

The thing is, it's all novelty yarn. I mean, I have one skein of Red Heart that's been balled into 10 balls, and you're more than welcome to it, but I the bit that's worrying me is the 32 skeins of feather boa and railroad! (Bernat Boa and Matrix)