Monday, May 16, 2005

Ranty Ranty

Ok, so I try not to bitch about customers at the yarn store too much. In general, I really like the people that shop there and I know some of them read this (not that I'd ever bitch about Denise or Kellie!)

But, argh... when a pattern says "Free with Purchase of Yarn" FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE! You can not get it for free if you do not buy said yarn!!! I don't care how much money you spend at the shop because you know what? Yeah, it's a lot, but it's a yarn shop, people go crazy, everyone spends a lot of money at the shop, so bite me.

Now, you may think my customer service skills have gone wonky, but look, a lot of the "free with purchase of yarn" patterns come from the distributor. If we give them out without the purchase of said yarn, we can get in serious trouble. You don't want the yarn shop to get into trouble, do you?!

Also, I could only wave at Ingrid when she came in, and not talk to her, because someone was having a knitting crisis that wasn't a crisis, but needed a lot of handholding, which I don't mind usually, but it was getting a little ridiculous.

Also, if people in Ann Arbor could stop treating people in service positions like they're scum, it would help a lot. I've worked service positions in a lot of places all over the world. Ann Arbor is the worst.

I would also like to say something that's been irking me from my last spinning class. The teacher said that Aran sweaters contained stitch patterns to identify bodies. ARGH! NO! But that's a rant I've done before.


freddyknits said...

Hey Jennie. Did you see the meaningful look I gave you after the "aran patterns for identifying bodies" bit of wisdom? I knew that would not be missed on you, as I remember your rant well and lovingly.

Wanna come over after spinning class and try out my NEW (rental) WHEEL?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

I admire your fortitude. Things is that silk garden (and she did not realise how lucky she was to be holding some pretty silk garden) doesn't got far...well actually I can't think of any 50g balls of yarn which would make something that isn't a hat or a scarf in 2 balls or less...

Ingrid said...

ooops that was me...;p

Denise said...

Farmington Hills customers are notoriously rude, too. Just so you know. It's everywhere, but especially where there's money.