Monday, May 02, 2005


Sorry about lack of posts lately, but last week was finals week. Not that I'm in school, but I think that living with someone who's in final week presents it's own challenges.

And then this weekend was graduation madness! Dan's family came into town and it was good and we had fun and I even did some knitting, but no blogging.

Dan ran my fish through the wash a second time, but when I went to stuff it I realized that it's not felted quite enough.

Renee is progressing nicely--back and sides are done and I've started the first sleeve.

Last Tuesday I went to Ann Arbor Knit In Night and it was good. You should go. You know, if you live near Ann Arbor.

ALSO! I'm moving. To DC. This summer. ACK!!!*

(The ACK is about the process of moving, not about the concept and thought of moving)


freddyknits said...

ACK! And that was about the concept of you moving.

When I go to visit my brother in DC, we need to get together and knit.

kate said...

It is bizarre to me that you're moving here, and there's a possibility that we'll be moving to Michigan when Tim finishes his doc degree.