Friday, September 30, 2005

Hyperventillating at the Fabric Store

So, at the advice of a frequent library patron, I checked out G Street Fabrics today in an attempt to buy serger thread. And got super overwhelmed and just had to leave.

Of course, they are offering a class on entrelac, which has to be the one knitting thing I've never attemped. And like, the one knitting thing I've never taught. But I have to work that day.

le sigh


timfc said...

Hi, this is a message from Kate Fukawa-Connelly who you taught to knit in Grinnell...

Get your behind to Adams Morgan right now! There's a craft show called Crafty Bastards happening today. She's selling spun, died and knitted things.

Lolly said...

I havenot yet been to G Street Fabrics, but I have definitely heard about it... I need to go!

Just found your blog--I am a DC Metro knitblogger too :)