Monday, September 26, 2005

Rowan = love

So... I got those 2 balls of Kid Silk Crack with my Rowan subscription, but I'm not a big fan of the froth scarf.

Do you know what I am a big fan of? The River shawl in the same magazine. Yes, the one that takes 2 balls of Crack.

Life is good.

Except, to answer Kate's question, no Rhinebeck for me, as I'm caught in the weird milieu of not being allowed to take any vacation until after Thanksgiving, but still refusing to work on Yom Kippur, so having to work on Saturday to make up for the day I'm missing to atone. Luckily my boss also has to occasionally miss work for religious reasons and was very accomadating to me taking high holidays off and letting me work Saturday so I still get all my hours in and make HR not mad at me.

Also, don't you completely love my complete misuse of the world milieu? I do.

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