Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yarn Recomendations...

So, I had a friend tell me yesterday that I've ruined her, because I taught her how to knit using Peace Fleece yarn because "now nothing else measures up to my standards".

I told her I could name a few that would, because I'm EVIL.

So, this list is mainly for her, but you know, if you want to know what I love, here it is!

In general, anything Rowan does is top-notch. And, I am, as you know, a Rowan-whore.

I'm particularily addicted to Kidsilk Haze, because it's soft and fuzzy and comes in yummy colors and has a million yards in a ball and looks good in intricate lace AND garter stitch.

Kid Classic is good and soft, and for nubby yarns, you can't go wrong with Yorkshire Tweed. I'm assuming the Scottish Tweed is similair in it's awesome-ness, but I haven't used it yet. And for soft, smooth buttery small gauge knitting, 4 ply soft is HEAVEN.

Plus, there's the whole high-end RYC (Rowan Yarns Classic) with cashmere blends that make me swoon. YUM YUM YUM.

Noro is awesome. Especially Silk Garden.

Manos del Uraguay is very PC, being hand-dyed and spun by a small collective in Uraguay. And it's soft and the spinning and dying are slightly uneven, making it even more lovely.

Fiesta Yarns, especially La Luz are quality.

La Lana is beautiful and quality and hand-dyed using plant life and Luisa is so knowledgable about what she does and is awesome.

Colinette can be really awesome, but some of their novelty stuff grates on me (but it's all high quality, just me and novelty yarn... gargh). I love their kits though--I love the way they blend color and texture. (Someday maybe I'll finish my Vintage Vest. Maybe)

Good, basic, workhorse yarns are Cascade 220 and Plymouth Galway and Lamb's Pride (well, anything by Brown Sheep really).And if you want/need to knit something washable for a baby, I really do like Encore.

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