Thursday, March 24, 2005

Too Big Vest

See how FREAKIN' huge this thing is????? It's 49 inches long! And I still have to add the button band! I only have a 37 inch bust!


Yes, I did a gauge swatch. I was supposed to get 13 sts to 4 ins. I got 14 sts, which was great because the smallest size (41in) was a little big for me, so at the smaller gauge it would work out just right and I didn't need to rewrite the pattern.

BUT! I failed to double check the gauge a few inches in. FAILED. And do you know what my gauge is on the project? 12sts to 4 ins.


I cried like Nancy Kerrigan which I realized this. Ku bi zi as they say in Chinese...

So... the problem with wholesale ripping is that the yarn has been cut every 2 rows. And there's a lot of mohair in there and that's not fun to rip.

BUT! The large size might fit my mom and if it does, she'll buy it off me so I can afford to buy another kit and try again.

I *really* liked knitting this project. I did not like f*cking it up so very very badly.

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