Monday, May 01, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I hung out with Kelle from Ann Arbor this weekend. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

I don't miss A2 that much, but I miss Knit A Round and the I miss my knitting group (not that my knitting group here isn't ace, but I miss the Michigan one too!)

So... I've been working on this Christmas stocking for the lady from my training program at work.

The basic construction is...
1. Ribbing
2. White band with name
3. Red band with Christmas trees
4. Green band with Santa Claus
5. Heel
6. That bit that's the top of the heel with birth year
7. Red stripe
8. Green toe

I have completed the red band with the christmas trees and just need to finish charting out Santa... so, all in all, making good progress

I want to make a sweater for my sister for her birthday at the end of the month that I saw in the last Rebecca... it takes a linen yarn and I'm going to see if I can scare up something good next weekend at the wool festival!

Also, this weekend, I crocheted me some jewelry. It turned out real purty. When my computer comes back (14 business days!!!!) then I'll put some pics up and hopefully start selling it.

Also, last night, I had a friend over and she missed the last train so I had to drive her back to Virginia...

Can I just say how much I HATE driving in Virginia? So confusing. It wasn't as bad as it could've been, because it turns out that she lives near to where Dan works, so I at least knew where I was, but there was an accident on 66 blocking all lanes of traffic, so how was I supposed to get home?! It was way too complicated.

Also, I have to be the ONLY person in the DC area that relaxes when she hits the Beltway. I love driving on the Beltway. Well lit and NOT CONFUSING.

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kelle said...

Hey Jennie...
It was great to see you! I can't wait to see your jewelry...are you making stitch holders??