Thursday, December 01, 2005

Atttack of the Killer Vacuum

So, remember when I said that Dan's sock was too big and I had to rip it out? I mean, look at this!

My finger is the tip of his toe. Aiya!

But I didn't want to rip it, so I was working merrily along on the second sleeve of chocolate decadance.

But then something very bad happened. I spilled an entire bottle of beer on it.

Then something even worse happened a week later.

It went through the vacuum cleaner. The entire sleeve went through the vacuum cleaner. I screamed. Dan freaked out (as it was an accident and he felt so very badly, because he is supremely lovely).

See how that needle is broken clean from the cord?

See how the other needle is splintered and frayed?


Somehow, my sleeve survived! But it's on hold as I get another size 5 bamboo circ.


Anonymous said...

The important thing to note is that Dan was vacuuming.

Emily said...

Yikes, you might need to rename the sweater chocolate survival. Or maybe your sweater has nine lives like a cat.

Ingrid said...

Most importantly Dan was vacuming! Sorry I had to giggle, I can see how it happened...kinda how Mowgli runs the gauntlet of my multiple strands from multiple balls of yarn and oooops becomes tangled and the only way to get untangled is to streak around the house with balls of those accidents.