Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'll Rochembeau You For It

I really wanted this post to be me revealing my secret pal who is ALSO a children's librarian (which I became during the course of this last secret pal cycle THAT'S TELEPATHICALY CRAZY, SP6 HOSTS) but I'm a complete idiot and can't seem to find her email with the link to her blog. Dear awesome SP6, please email me again, because I totally forgot to bookmark you AND you're awesome awesome awesome.

I'm going to turn the heel on Dan's second attempt sock (Actually, I think this is the 3rd or 4th attempt. Not counting the languishing argyles.)

Here's a story from warmer times:

So, earlier in November, some darlinink friends came over from England and we took them into town to see the sights. Here is Adam on the left and his friend David on the right and me in the middle, enjoying the attention of a some cute Brits with Northern Accents! (oh course, Adam's gone very posh on us and is starting to start a bit like a Londoner)

The highlight, of course, was the statue of Rochembeau. We coudln't quite remember where it was, so we tramped all over in the dark, looking for it, because once they heard there was one, hoo-boy! Here they are trying to kick each other as hard as the can, square in the nuts.

They then tried to explain themselves to some frightened passers-by. They made it worse.

Don't mind them, they're from Barcelona.

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