Tuesday, November 02, 2004

So, today I knew I'd be waiting in live forever to vote. So I took the baby bonnet I'm working on--might as well be productive, right?

Well, so I'm knitting away, with the ball of yarn in my coat pocket and they realize that 75% of the line's last name starts with A-M, and all the N-Z people get a bit fastracked, because there's no one checking in there, so I run over to the other line to get my ballot, and my yarn falls, but I don't know this. Luckily, some nice lady picks it up, and holds onto it, but doesn't chase me, because she doesn't want to lose her place (I still have my needles). I kinda turn, and see that I've tangled a long line of people up in my cherry red Kid Classic.

Luckily people laughed, because the lines were all crazy and there weren't any barriers to kinda mark one line from the other (2 different precints vote at my polling place) and they all thought I had to right idea...

Lots of knitting planned while watching results come in... luckily baby bonnets are small and quick-- hopefully my tension won't change too much during the process. I don't want to have to rip 'em all out tomorrow!

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