Monday, November 15, 2004

Wow! 11 days, no post. My bad.

Anyway, all the baby bonnets are done. Doggie's done. A trio of airy scarves are done (Ok, 2 need their ends sewn in yet). And pictures have been taken! Now, if I could only find the cord that links my camera to my computer so I could download said pictures and share them with all of you!

So, I'm back to work on my wrap with sleeves. Only about a foot more of the wrap bit to go, and then I'm on to the sleeves! I'm so excited. A foot of brioche stitch is a bit daunting, but, when you consider that I've already knit at least 5 feet of brioche stitch... and the sleeves are a nice stockinette! Yay!

Oh, and tomorrow I have a meeting with the activities director of the North Campus Commons here at Uni. of Michigan, to set up a mini-course I'm going to teach this winter! I'm so excited! Plus, class schedules for Knit-A-Round are being worked on, and I'm picking up some more advanced classes. Carrie might even hand over Math for Knitters!

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