Thursday, June 09, 2005

Big Weekend Fun!

Dan took me on a suprise mini-break this weekend!

To Niagara Falls!

I had to wear a poncho!

See. Everyone looks like a dork in a poncho!

Um, I did some knitting while I was there.


Kimberly said...

great pics of the falls!

were you able to find a loose enough bind-off for the sock?


Jennie said...

Yes. I went home and redid it with a picot bind off, so now I can get the sock over my heel and it fits nice and lover-ly. My instructions for kitchner bind off required that it be done in a 1X1 rib and it was more complicated then I wanted to deal with while watching TiVo'd Craft Corner Deathmatch

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! We have so much in common it's scary; my inlaws live not far from Niagara Falls. And yet I haven't been there yet.

Glad to see you updated your questionnaire, it gives me some more ideas!

I'll email you soon...

Much love from your Secret Pal!