Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Face, meet Palm

So, um, yeah, I know, like, there haven't been a lot of pictures or anything but, um, man, yeah, I've, like, been real, busy, you know?

Any you know what else? I totally just typed "busty" instead of "busy". Which I am. I mean, I am both busty and busy. Because I know y'all wanted to know that about me.

The truth is this. Job searching is killing my knitting time. After a weekend of procrastinanting via knitting, I got hard on myself and set down some rules.

Rules like:
You will not even touch those needles until you finish the latest draft of your federal resume and send it to Dan to make sure you didn't put that you're busty under "special skills".

Yeah, girl, I know those needles are where you want your laptop to go on the coffeetable, but you know what?! Once you pick them up with your awesome new project, you will be all "it's only 46 stitches. I can totally do a row and it will be ok". Because I KNOW YOU. (because I AM YOU! bwuhahahaha) Just put your laptop in your LAP like the name says you should and DON'T TOUCH THOSE NEEDLES.

Or last night:
You will not go to knit group until you find 3 jobs to apply for. Which you will then apply for tomorrow night.

So, I didn't get to knit group until 7.30ish, because I was JOB SEARCHING (and then parking-space searching. What was up with last night downtown Ann Arbor?)

AND I TOTALLY MISSED THE PHOTOGRAPHER. Because there will be an article about us in some Ann Arbor guide.

And my knitting queen divaness will not be photographed.

My ego can't take these dissapointments.

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Denise said...

I missed the photographer too! I hear she got her camera back out when uber-knitter Ingrid came in late. Wonder what sweater she finished this week...