Wednesday, June 15, 2005

On the Road Again...

We went to Houston this week to see Dan's family.

It was a great visit. I read a lot. Especially with all that free time that I didn't want, but American Airlines (EVIL! PURE EVIL!) shoved down my throat anyway.

I'm always a little weird about flying with knitting. It's not that I think they'll take it away. I often don't check luggage (but this time I did and the knitting was in it) but just, I don't take it out in the airport that often.

Maybe it's just because I know it'll make others nervous.

Maybe it's just that I don't get to read that much anymore because I drive to work now, instead of taking the bus and I relish the long stretches of reading time interupted only by some pretzels and ginger ale.

Of course, I kinda wish I did have my knitting, as I'm not used to flying *with* someone and when Dan would want to talk I was all, Dude, I'm reading. Go away. Oh but the seatbelt sign is on, so you can't. Oh well.

I did start the other sock and am about an inch away from turning the heel, so it's not like no knitting was accomplished.

In other, very sad news, Dan leaves for DC tomorrow.

Which means I need a job, so I can buy yarn when I join him in a few months.

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