Monday, June 27, 2005

Saturday at the Yarn Store!

Ok, so right now, my knitting is a big secret suprise, so uh, no pictures of that. But I did document my Saturday working at Knit A Round!

You can't really see but there are lots of felted fish hanging in the window!

See the fishes?

Pretty, pretty fishes!

LOOK AT MY FISH! Isn't it awesome?!

This is the work table where we knit and eat and stuff when we're not helping customers.

Look! We have a whole wall of Koigu! I couldn't even fit it in one picture! It's a crazy Koigu Wall of Beauty!

Look at my sample, up there selling yarn!

We wind yarn for our customers if we're not too busy. If we are really busy, then we will try to wind a skein and you can leave your yarn and pick it up later, all wound up! Or you can bring it in later to wind.

There's this guy who likes to come and stand outside the window and watch us wind yarn. He was there to watch me wind this beautious bevy for customer making a mitered square poncho!

Do you see the Fiesta La Boheme?! The Prism Wild Stuff and Eyelash?! The Colinette Isis?! Plus the great shades of Casacade 220 to pull it together?!


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