Monday, June 20, 2005


So... recently both Kate and Stephanie have created a beautiful Birch Shawl from Rowan #34.

It is not well photographed in the magazine. I mean, Rowan knew it was wonderful enough to warrent 2 photos, but neither showed off its beauty! But... then I saw a sample at the yarn shop Lynne works at (which isn't the one I work at, so it shall remain nameless.) And OH. MY. GOD.

I mean, just look at all it could be:

(That photo was ruthlessly stolen and uploaded to my own server from Melanie, whose blog I don't read, as it's in German, but whose picture I found via Google Image Search)

Last year (before I worked at a yarn shop and was therefore a lot less enabled on yarn-binging) I spent some of my birthday money on some slate blue Kidsilk Haze for this shawl.

It's aging.

I think this summer I need to knit it. But maybe I'll wait for my birthday to roll back around.

But Stephanie's commenters have renamed the yarn.

It is now known as Cracksilk Haze. I will start calling it this, but I will not be changing my email address.

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