Friday, June 17, 2005


Dan left yesterday. *sigh*.

I mean, on one hand, I can watch the girliest, silliest TV ever and knit and not get smart comments from the peanut gallery, or, um kitchen as it is in my house.

But... but... :(

And that really pulls into perspective everything that must get done before I move in August. Like, finding myself a job. I worked a lot on my resume last night. puke.

The other day, Dan went Yakov Smirnoff on me and said "In Soviet Russia, resume writes YOU" and frankly, after staring at it for a week, I'm starting to feel like it!

My friend Katy loves writing resumes and cover letters, because she just gets to talk about how awesome she is. I look at my working life boiled down to a page and think "this is all I've done with my life?! I stressed out every night at my job for a year, but my job was only these 4 innocous-sounding lines?! What?!"

I also knit a lot last night. Sock now has about an inch of ribbing. Sock should be done this weekend, which is nice, because it got cold again, so I'm wearing socks and real shoes for the first time in a month or so and am thinking how nice the Koigu socks would look with today's shoes.

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