Friday, March 25, 2005


Oh my.

I just realized that my blog looks AWFUL in Explorer. Or at least the version I have at home. (I usually update at work, using Mozilla, and it's great!) Basically, in Explorer, my side bar is too centered, so it doesn't appear in the nice cross-hatching side bar section of the template, but over a bit, and not until after ALL the posts, so you need to scroll really far. I'm hoping to get some people who actually know a little something about HTML to fix that, but I would like your help.

Please please please leave me a comment stating which browser you use and how the page looks.



illanna said...

I use explorer and your blog looks fine. Sometimes on my blog if the pictures on the page are too wide, the sidebar goes to the bottom. If I resize the width it's usually fine. But really it looks great on my explorer so maybe your computer is cursed.

Beth Smith said...

I use explorer and until today the sidebar was all the way at the bottom but today it is right at the right spot. I think your blog looks great. Maybe it was my windo size too.