Thursday, March 03, 2005

So, you all know about my New Year's resolution of NO NEW YARN, right?

My horrible self-imposed stash diet?

Well, first off, it's going much better than the real diet (Which was so easy! "More salad, less ice cream" And yet, I fail)

Anyhoo... it's been hard, but I have only purchased 5 balls of yarn since January 1. Only 5! And they're *completely* justifiable! Watch me justify them!

1. 3 balls were half priced Kid Seta. 5 dollars/ball for a super fine mohair/silk blend! It's essentially the same as Kid Silk Haze! On clearance! It would have been a CRIME to not buy this yarn. That's all I'm saying.
2. 2 balls of Kiogu KPPM. For a pair of socks. This is only justifiable in that I had to learn how to knit on 2 circs and do the magic loop well enough to teach my class on Saturday. All that practice might as well result in something! And so far it has resulted in a very large gauge swatch. It could already be socks, but I'm too lazy to take off my actual socks and measure my foot and do the math. Lazy lazy lazy.

And, even though needles weren't part of the diet, I've been good there, too! Only needles purchased have been for the socks. 3 pair-- 1 16in Addi Turbo size 1, 1 40in Addi Turbo size 1, 1 set of Brittany 5in dpns size 1 (see a trend?) And see, this is despite the fact that Latern Moon needles are currently on sale at work. Aren't I good?!

But, now I have an ethical dilema.. my dear friend Ellie came to visit. I taught Ellie how to knit one drunken evening in July 2000. I remember because that's the year we celebrated my birthday for an ENTIRE month. Seriously. Every weekend that month had something birthday related. I don't remember large sections.

Anyway, Ellie gave me some of her stash. A box of her stash. Like, 3 sweaters worth of stash, or at least close. A sweater's worth of Peace Fleece Sport Weight! And it's all in large quantities, so it's a box, but only 3 kinds of yarn, so yeah...

Did I mention the sweater's worth of Peace Fleece Sport Weight in Kamchatka Sea Moss? Did I? Because damn. That's going to get used soon.

So yeah... but I didn't pay for it. It was a GIFT, so it doesn't count, right?


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le said...

The best way to reduce your stash is to give it to other people! Before this week's sweater and Noro buying expedition, but after the stash-reducing gifts, my stash fit in two milk crates, including all my needles and test swatches.

But now, since you are such a bad influence, I have increased my stash by an entire sweater! I must knit this up before I get home so that it does not actually enter the stash.